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An INvitation to Self


Poetic Ponderings brought to you by Coach Minx

In your already always busy life, do you sometimes find that those about whom you care the most get the least of your attention?  Years ago, I arrived home from a business trip exhausted and depleted.  My husband, who picked me up at the airport, got the brunt of my feeling less than energetic about everything, including seeing him.  His response was to quietly share with me about how he felt he was getting the “bones” or “leftovers” after I had given my all to my work… or to friends in need… or to some worthy community project.  YIKES!  I got it.  Right then and there, I made a promise to him and to myself – no more bones!!!  That was more than 25 years ago and it has become a kind of secret code between us, a litmus test for how we are doing as a couple.  Because of this awareness, I had to really pay attention to my commitments and priorities and make wiser choices accordingly.


stronger than bolts
sturdier than knots
connections of the heart
hold us ever so firmly
rooted in the comfort
of their embrace

wiser than the greatest
of sages
more relevant that the most
brilliant of books
the caring sharing of our own quiet
truths and deep concerns and quirky
inklings with a dear friend
help us make sense of our world

gentler than the softest breeze
more soothing than deep sleep
the presence of another who enters
our heart space and listens
to reflections about our days and ways
becomes a mirror and an invitation
to see ourselves whole

from the heart, mind, and pen of Minx
©2013  Minx Boren.  All rights reserved.

As a coach, I am always reflecting, pondering, and asking questions about what gives Life to life.  As a poet, I am always allowing my thoughts and feelings to find their way onto the page.  And, as a long time journal-keeper who now teaches classes on journaling as a way to discover oneself on the page, I invite you, dear reader, to allow the words of this poem to find their way into your heartmind and to notice what emerges for you in the process.  Here are some suggested Journal Jumpstarts and Conversation INvitations that can serve as possibilities to move you into your own deep inquiry.

Journal Jumpstarts and Conversation INvitations:

  • What is evoked in you as you read the above meanderings?  Don’t overthink your answer.  Simply put pen to paper and allow whatever is percolating inside to find its way onto the pages of your journal.  Don’t edit your thoughts as you write.  Simply allow yourself to discover (and perhaps be surprised by) your Self on the page.
  • Have there been times when you have offered only bones to those you love?  What did you hold back in the process?
  • When have you caught yourself in “I’m so busy” mode and what strategies have you used to reprioritize your choices?  What have you learned (perhaps through trial and error) along the way to keep love alive?
  • What are the requests you may need to make of a loved one to assure that you get the love you need and that you create deep listening/sharing time to stay truly connected?

An Invitation to Be the Star in Your Own Story:

Here is my Coach Request for this month:  No More Bones... beginning right now.  Start by paying close attention to any time when those who matter most are being short-changed by you for one reason or another.  Work with them to develop strategies to be generous with each other in terms of time and attention and to keep each other at the top of your lists.  Develop your own special warning signs and signals to remind each other when things start to get shaky.

I would LOVE to hear from you about your own inklings, experiences, and AHAS! as you journey through this process.  Please feel free to contact me at minx@coachminx.com.  Just put Moxy Woman Poetic Ponderings in the subject line. 

All great wishes,

Coach Minx

About Minx Boren MCC: Minx is a personal, business, healthwise and authentic happiness coach.

As the founder of CoachMinx, co-founder with Marsha Lehman of AuthenticWoman, and a founding coach of EmpowerParties, Minx designs, develops, and facilitates innovative processes and programs that support health and balance, reflection and achievement. This work is produced for individuals, for women's groups, for spas and wellness centers, for conventions, and for women and men in a business setting. These programs are offered in person, by phone and as webinars.

"The theme that weaves its way through all my work is Authentic Happiness. I believe and research proves that happiness is our most resilient, creative, and productive state AND it is a choice we get to make again and again. I have trained in such cutting edge technologies as Authentic Happiness Coaching with Dr. Martin Seligman and Ben Dean, David Cooperider’s work on Appreciative Inquiry and Daniel Goleman’s on Emotional Intelligence"

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Pivot Pods are based on the understanding that we as humans are relational by nature.  It is how our brains are wired.  And there is an undeniable wisdom and power inherent in a group of thoughtful people willing to continually explore and pursue what really matters. Yet in our fast paced techno-efficient world we spend less and less time in deep and meaningful dialogue.  What gives the Pivot Pod its power is the lens of the Quest-ion. Questions focus our attention and give us access to new ways of seeing the way things are while envisioning what might be possible at any given moment in time.

Facilitated by Coach Minx in conjunction with philosopher and scholar Lable Braun

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