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Nominate a Moxy Woman

This is Your Website!  Nominate Your Choice for a Moxy Woman Feature Story...

Help Us Find, Keep and Share Moxy Women Stories with the World!  Send in Your Nominations Today!

If you know someone who has a story that will Inspire, Support and Empower other women- we would like to hear from you.  Let's celebrate our success, share our triumphs and show other women how we made it through difficult situations and life events to go forth to lead happy and fulfilled lives.  If you or someone you know has an inspiring story- share it- the gesture could make a real difference in someone else's life.

Submit your story to:  info@MoxyWomen.com  Please put in the Title Bar- Moxy Woman Nominee 

Submission Requirements:

  1. For initial consideration please send a one page overview and photo of your nominee including reasons why your nominee should be considered for a full feature story as a Moxy Woman.
  2. If accepted you will be contacted directly.  Please provide your contact phone and email address along with submission.
  3. All written submissions must be submitted in MS Word Format.  Photographs in JPEG file format.
  4. All nominees must provide written permission to publish their story on the website including photos and possible video prior to acceptance.
  5. Some nominees may be required to interview directly with a Moxy Women representative depending on location. 

All nominees will be considered however Moxy Women, WTCB, Inc.and its officers reserves the right to the final decision on the publication of any article submitted to the website.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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