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Happy Birthday Moxy!

September, 2010 marks the 3 year anniversary of the launch of Moxy Women!  It has been a time of great fun, many fond memories and friendships. WomenTCB.com (Taking Care of Business) quickly evolved to just "Moxy Women" after the Moxy Women stories became the main focus within just a few months. And now it's all about MOXY!

From the first go-live, launch party at the Garden Club where Chantelle rocked the house- we went on to the  Women Taking Care of Music- singing contest where we met so many incredibly talented performers such as our Top Five Winners;  Jennifer Real, Rossana Spallino, Vanessa Quillao, Tanya LaReese and Lois Greco.  This event set the tone for sharing music at all of the Moxy events that followed.



 At the first anniversary party held at the Dali- Chantelle, Joanna and Jennifer rocked the house! Then came the conference and concerts such as the Legendary Women of Song and the first International Moxy Concert and Conference- Women Taking Care of the World and the most recent- Igniting the Fire Within Concert at Sacred Lands.  (Photos below from Dali Anniversary party- left to right, Joanna Fernandez, Chantelle and Jennifer Real)




The destiny of Moxy Women- the website and the organization has evolved and taken a life of its own and effective immediately, membership in the International Association of Moxy Women is now entirely free

The time has come to open the doors to the website for Moxy Women everywhere. Now you may sign up and begin immediately taking advantage of all of the benefits of Moxy Women.com.  After signing up you can participate in Moxy Mingle, post your events, book signings, performances, and any other important events in the events section. 

We are extremely proud to announce that the Moxy Women feature stories will now be chosen from your nominees. 
Go to Nominate a Moxy Woman for details.

Members may submit articles to be considered for publication on the website.  Any submissions must be fully edited and of appropriate content.  If your submission is selected, you will be notified.

This is your website- so let's Find, Keep and Share our Moxy with women around the world!

We look forward to providing details of upcoming events planned for the remainder of 2010 and 2011- stay tuned for important details.

Enjoy more photos below from previous events!

























In Memory of Ann Elizabeth Harper




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