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Moxy Woman- November 2010- Michelle Phillips

Author, TV Personality, Keynote Speaker, Makeup Artist & Beauty Consultant

Bradenton, FL


“Looking good and feeling better is a result of rediscovering the true essence of who you are and projecting that outward to the world.” ~Michelle Phillips, Author of Beauty Blueprint 

Mirror, Mirror on the the wall, who's the fairest of them all?
By:  Jean Harper

So what do you want to be when you grow up?  If you could be anything, if there were no limitations or obstacles, what would you be?  For many of us it is only through change and experience later in life, that we discover our passion. But for some it is lucid destiny, beginning in early childhood, and that is the case for Michelle Phillips. 

The story of Michelle Phillips's journey begins with a young girl who loved to put makeup on her dolls and do their hair. As a result of her own life's trials and tribulations she was overflowing with compassion and developed an overwhelming desire to help other women. Michelle honed her tools and expertise and is now utilizing them to make a major impact in helping women feel better about who they are; to find themselves and start loving themselves again.

"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do" ~Rumi

Michelle was born in Washington, DC but grew up in Northern Virginia. Her father was a manager with AT&T and then went on to work with David Bruce Winery in Santa Cruz, California. Her mother is an entrepreneur who has worked in the gift industry for many years and her only sister is a nurse.

Michelle  was a very creative child. She danced for many years, was a cheerleader, and majorette; however, as previously mentioned, her true passion was to make up her dolls and style their hair. As she got older she would make up all of her friends' faces and style their hair. Sometimes the makeovers worked in favor of her subject and at other times, things didn’t turn out as planned!

Photo Above- Michelle as a young child

Many women have learned the hard way that the essential components of a happy and fulfilling marriage include: equality, respect and love. Often women as caretakers, ignore their own needs and end up feeling insignificant and out of touch with themselves. Manipulative behaviors of a partner may have debilitating effects- promoting feelings of powerlessness and helplessness. Turning to isolation as often happens in these situations is debilitating. Failure to predict or control their lives fosters self-blame further adding to the feelings of helplessness and powerlessness. Such a marriage in its wake, can create an experience of real personal power- the power to create the life only previously imagined.

Like many women in this example above, Michelle Phillips found herself in a marriage in which she felt completely powerless. At first she blamed herself for the many arguments and episodes of anger she was enduring. She became withdrawn and slipped into depression. When she realized the conflict in her marriage was impacting her children, she found the strength to go within recovering her self-esteem and unleashing her personal power. In her own words, "I finally got the courage to leave my marriage by seeking support from friends, family, and a life coach. For far too long I tried to go at it alone because I felt as if asking for help would make me appear weak. I became clinically depressed due to the lack of control I had over my life and the fear that was overtaking me. For days I would get in bed and remain, under the covers, until it was time for the kids to come home from school because I didn’t want them to know what I was going through. This was no way to live, and besides, they knew what was going on. Unfortunately, I learned just how much my kids knew the day I found one of my kids hiding in the bathroom, lying on the floor, because the scenario outside was just too scary to witness. At that moment, I knew, I had to do something."  

Pride aside, Michelle reached out to her family and friends for help and they stepped up to the task. When she transitioned from her job as a make-up artist for a television station to what she thought was the opportunity of a lifetime- hosting a morning talk show on the CBS station in Tampa/ WTSP Channel 10, things got even more difficult. She would wake up every morning and go on air smiling and pretending she was okay, but in reality she was living from day to day just trying to survive. Her life appeared perfect, but in reality she lost her identity, her husband, home, boat, and other worldly possessions. To top it off, the pay for this amazing job in “TV” was a third of what she was used to making. Eventually Michelle lost everything financially and was forced to live off credit cards for the next two years in order to feed her children. She had no alternative but to apply for food stamps.

Losing everything would turn out to be the gift that helped Michelle realize that she could overcome any fears. In her words,  "Material things didn’t bring me happiness and  my new life was full of truth, love, and purpose that naturally guided me back on my feet financially, spiritually, mentally, and physically." 

Michelle credits, Lori Zudell  for catapulting her forward on her journey to the realization of her life's mission. Lori's workshop titled “Expansions” taught women to celebrate their lives. The workshop evolved into a coaching circle where Michelle and others were guided through a self-discovery process where values, passions and dreams were clarified. She was moved to live her dreams instead of just imagining. This awakening of self-love opened Michelle to re-assess her career and personal goals as well as her legacy: helping women discover their inner strength and beauty, and to live to their full potential. 

Photo Right- Michelle and Lori Zudell

Michelle Phillips reclaimed her life
after her divorce with the help of family, friends and her own journey of self-discovery and Moxy. After coming so far, Michelle would be tested again. She explains this event in this way, "Everything I believed in, and everything Lori had taught me, was put to the ultimate test. Lori was stricken with cancer and given just months to live. Even though Lori had no idea how much time she had left to live, she still chose to wake up every morning and say, 'What would I do today if I knew I couldn’t fail?' Then she would do it!  She refused to focus on her obstacles, especially cancer. Instead she chose to focus on how she could serve others. Her will to live was driven by her desire to help others end the needless suffering in their lives, to teach them how to go within, and release whatever obstacles blocked them from moving forward in life. Facing her own death, Lori still chose to love others."

Lori Zudell passed away five years after being told she had only a few months left to live. Because Lori lived to inspire and serve others, her legacy lives on in Michelle Phillips, and in countless others. Michelle adds, "Lori poured her life’s work into me and I am here to pour my life’s work into others. Because I was inspired when I most needed it, I want to offer others that inspiration, hope, and support to create beautiful lives and live to their fullest potential." 

Michelle's advice to other women who may be facing a critical decision to step out of fear,  "It is easier to stay where you are than to move out of your safe place and into the “unknown” we all fear the unknown. We create a list of What if’s-  What if I fail? What if others think I'm crazy? What if things don’t turn out the way I hope?"

Then she adds, "Consider these what if's- What if you do the work to make your dreams unfold and you begin to live a life that you only dreamed possible?  What if you make a huge difference in the lives of others around you because they see what you are doing and want to improve their lives too?  What if you change your children’s lives by helping them understand that anything is possible?  What if you live a life that is full, and purposeful, and loving, and kind, and full of everything you ever wanted? It is possible!" 

Michelle maintains "My dreams continue to come true-  I have an incredible husband who supports and loves me unconditionally, children who understand that we all have hard times however it is what you do with what you have that can make a huge difference in your life. My children know, by example, that anything is possible and that if they go for their dreams, they can succeed."

Photo above- Michelle and her newly blended family with husband
Tim Wilkins

She continues, "My goals to write a book, become an inspirational speaker and help women live better lives have come to fruition-  I have a new book coming out next fall that is being published by Hay House as well as a radio show that debuts in January on Hayhouse." 

I asked Michelle to describe her proudest moment and here is what she said,  "Professionally, my proudest moment was receiving a call from the President of Hay House offering me a radio show, followed by a book deal.  Personally, I am filled with pride and joy watching my children go for their dreams, overcome the difficult pressures of “teenage hood” and do what it takes to become better people and help others by giving back.  They have been through a lot however, they have seen, first hand, that no matter what obstacles get in the way…anything is possible."

"The recipe for beauty is to have less illusion and more soul,
to retreat from the belief of pain or pleasure in the body into the
unchanging calm and glorious freedom of spiritual harmony."
~ Mary Baker Eddy

So go to your mirror and ask, "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?" And the answer is you, of course!

An Overview of Michelle Phillips' accomplishments:

From live TV to live events Michelle Phillips has entertained and inspired millions. As a former celebrity make-up artist turned TV personality, author, and motivational speaker, she combines her broad range of life experiences and natural warmth for a strength and esteem make-over of the "Mind, Beauty, and Spirit"©. Her interactive programs are designed to boost performance and wellness by bringing out the very best in us all.

From the Phillips family of music and television Michelle’s entry into the entertainment industry was a humble one, but with goals no less lofty than those of her famous relatives. From as far back as she can remember Michelle dreamed of working as a celebrity stylist and make up artist. Through hard work and determination she eventually went on to work with major networks and stars of film, TV, and music such as: NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, Katie Couric, Deborah Norville, Colbie Caillat, Jeff Foxworthy, Doris Roberts, and more.

Eventually Michelle moved in front of the camera, hosting beauty and style segments on Tampa Bay's 10, and just a few years later, her comfort in front of the camera and innate ability to connect with viewers saw her cast as host of the station’s new morning talk show “Studio 10”. Since then she has gone on to become a well known television personality, making appearances on local and national TV shows such as “The Daily Buzz”, HSN, TLC, and HGTV.

In addition to her work on TV, Michelle's passion is working to empower people to rise above their challenges and live their dreams. Her work with nonprofit groups inspired her to create segments for Studio 10 called, “Courage & Grace©”. These vignettes featured a series of heartrending stories that delved into the amazing lives of the true heroes in our world, the women and men who have overcome seemingly insurmountable odds and gone on to help others. It was these stories and her work with nonprofit agencies that inspires Michelle to share her experiences, and those of others, to create a foundation of strength and support for anyone who hears them.

Michelle's husband Tim Wilkins told me that he found his soul mate in Michelle when they were cast to co-host "Studio 10".

Photo above- Michelle with her husband Tim Wilkins on the set at Studio 10.

To learn more about Michelle Phillips you may visit her website at:


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