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Moxy Laureate


Read Aloud,  hear Your Voice,  it is you who sing.


Going Home

It is easy to feel empty deep inside
When in this harried world we seldom measure up
We are left to judge ourselves from others’ estimation
Yet we never seem to please them quite enough
Be wary of the hectic world
And the self-promoting glamour that you see

Go within to find yourself
Go far away from righteous self-assurance so ready to condemn
Leave behind the world’s demands
They weigh like nagging stones upon the soul
Put aside the doubt and disappointment
Go inside to find your being that was there so long ago

Listen for the voice of a precious inner child
Behold this little child and its beaming wide eyed countenance
This loving heartbeat, trusting, innocent and tender
Now alone

Bring nothing of the world here
Ask no questions, have no answers
Impose no judgment
No, not even you hold sway in this sacred place
Here, resolve to make your stand
Stand between your precious child and the world unsatisfied
This is innocence that only asked to know what others wished
That wanted to forgive, to please, and to make you proud

With loving arms sure and strong
Reach out
Reach out, tall and resolute
Hold tight this precious child
This inner child you were so long ago
Be one with what is right within and what you know is true
Be strong
No matter what the shallow world’s opinions
Hold in love your angel child, your Divine Child

Weep in gratitude that you are finally home
Make your stand within your truth   
Honor truth in others 

Then give the truths you’ve come to know
To all the frenzied world
These truths it sorely needs

Rise unbound at last from the cradle of your Being
And sing your World Song to everyone
Cast it proudly to the wild winds
Celebrate the wonder of the One that you’ve become

C 3/28/11

Sandy Hartman




Earth Bound

A downpour empties the rain choked bowl of a thundering sky
Earth pauses after the soaking
And basks in a gray green glow
Back lit by brushed metallic radiance
That moment just before a new sun breaks through

The last few fat rain drops
Splat on the tin roof of the chicken coop
Bothering brood hens fluffed wide
Over clutches of satin brown eggs
Each hen, eyes half closed in contentment
Chucking quietly to herself


The moist smell of new straw warmed under feathers
Then touches the fragrance of strawberries and lavender
From the garden

My small refuge in this frenzied world gone mad over itself
As it speeds down a highway that cuts through corn fields
Near the hedge rows and apple tree grove

© Sandy Hartman



Eon Traveler                                         

Ask the Four Winds where I am three billion years ago
I will tell you
I live in boiling waters deep, near ocean fumaroles
I float in primal seas and cling to geysers’ steaming shoals
Ask the East Wind where I am five hundred million years ago
I will tell you
I know the ages’ secrets   
I change       I thrive       I grow
I swim free in savage seas
I search the seashores for a home
Ask the South Wind where I am three hundred million years ago
I will tell you
I watch volcanoes spitting fire
I feel the earthquakes shake the land
I crawl the fetid mud slicked swamps
And climb lush ferns in teeming sands

Ask the West Wind where I am two hundred million years ago
I will tell you
I am the blooms and leaves that crown the tropic trees
I am the thundering beasts that shake the earth beneath
I am the great toothed hunter in the shadow haunted seas
Ask the North Wind where I am ten million years ago
I will tell you
I fly the glacial thermals
I live in worlds of drifting snow
I swim beneath the ice that caps the oceans cold
Ask the Wild Wind where I am a million years ago
I will tell you
I range the grassland prairies
I nest the canyon crags
I wade in pools and mountain streams that wander, twist and flow

Ask the Whirl Wind where I am ten thousand years ago
I will tell you
I burrow deep near restless dunes
I leave my tracks in scouring sands
I ride the howling gales that never cease to blow

Ask your people where I am
I will tell you
They are creatures of their thoughts
Who think that they are wise
They dream their stories and believe them
They think creation is their prize

They say that I am in their hope 
They will not see that they are wrong
Their people are too many
They overwhelm the ages gone
They take much more than they return
They poison living waters
They burn the air they breathe
They strip the land and bury Earth in trash
They destroy the lives of eon generations

No safe future do they leave
No sweet lands are left behind
No place for shelter can survive
The unslaked need of all their kind

Woman!  Wake up!  Look around
I am in you
Rise up now and save your people 
The Eon tides of history will not be denied

C  4/22/09
Sandy Hartman


Coming of Age

I walk the tangled trails of my uncertainty
And hear the darkened howls of inner doubt
The unforgiving eyes of night blink and stare
“Whoooo,  are you?” echoes in their ghostly calls
Ragged trees block my path and snag at my resolve
Their frozen faces gnarled in judgment and whispered disapproval
But I keep my eyes upon the path
There, shines my destiny
And I will walk among its beams of moonlit silver dreams
Because I know that I am yet to be

The time will come before the sunrise
When I will put aside my cape and hood
And though the darkness hounds my heels
I’ll loose the bindings in my hair and there I’ll set a laurel crown
I’ll lace my gown in fireflies and gleams of morning dew
And in that fading night when moonbeams turn to gold
I’ll leave the darkness far behind to find the paths my futures hold 

Those paths are decked in glowing spheres
reflecting futures yet to be
Each orb a rainbow looking glass enticing me to see
As I walk among them all and listen to their songs
I’ll lightly touch each one and finally set it free
Until I've chosen futures that I know must finally be
And though the hounds of darkness still travel at my heels
I will trust the fates that lead my way and guard my destiny


I am a goddess

But I am more than that

I am Me

© 3/4/11
Sandy Hartman 



Benediction in Troubled Times

Take care of yourself

The world is turning itself inside out
What seems
Is not
What was
Is gone
Footing so certain
Has disappeared


Sit down
Close your eyes
Go deep inside
Build your spirit an altar
In a place that no one else can find

Go there often between the harried moments
touch the mirror of your Soul uncertain
Give it life from the warmth of breath
And your beating heart
Sit down

Watch and wait for a shining glory
A Peace Beyond All Understanding
The Divine Gift that must come
It is yours forever
Have patience
Be silent
It will come

Rise in Grace
Do what must be done

© 10/08
Sandy Hartman 



Spiritual Progress

Oh yes!  Today was the day I would begin to find me
Today I was armed for a fresh start and glory
I would be diligent
So much knowledge from my self-improvement workshops, fitness programs and spiritual awareness classes was with me
I was a woman with a plan
My mantras polished
My breathing timed and peaceful
My yoga moves correct and familiar
Yes indeed, I was enlightened action at the ready
Hypnosis CD’s tucked away in a shoe box
Empowerment courses stacked neatly on the book shelf
between volumes discussing the Buddha, various holy ones
and three paperbacks extolling the virtues of Dr. Dyer’s Zen Mondo
I stood, wisdom at the ready

But as the day began, Buddha faded blissfully into a basket full of laundry
Rabbi Kushner and Saint Paul disappeared into a bookstore next to the supermarket
My precious book of Sufi enlightenment was baby pushed out of the shopping cart while I searched in vain for a coupon on a chicken soup special
I lost sight of Carolyn Myss somewhere in the hardware section of Wal-Mart
And Deepak Chopra stayed at school to shoot baskets with the nine year olds
Practiced breathing techniques failed to ease my shock
when I realized that I nearly drove through a red light into oncoming traffic



By late afternoon my world churned like the laundry trapped in my clothes dryer
No, not now – it’s never ever just now
Well-meaning affirmations sagged
between the rent receipt book and credit card bills
When I finally stood the vacuum at attention to clean
mighty Artemis slipped out of the window eager to escape to her sacred hunt
My spirit sagged into the whine of a busy vacuum

Stop!  Came a voice that rose within me
Now is the time
I switched off the vacuum, stood there stunned and listened intently
Then I closed my eyes and waited without expectations
Slowly the sweet sound of my breath rose within me
I began to feel my heart conversing with itself in a quiet and steady beat
My thoughts rose gently to intertwine within the radiant light of my spirit
And for a fleeting moment
I soared through the echoes of Divinity singing
Filling the arc of the universe

©   1/16/11

Sandy Hartman




Such is the power of the human spirit
Proud and unchained
It could have linked this galaxy together in a great song
Free from the relentless oars of slave galleys
Free from the lifelong tethers of weaving looms
Free from  belching furnaces under pleasant baths
Free from  captive gangs moving earth, moving stone, moving mountains
Free from the crush of smothering brick yards
From the gaping black hole mines of misery
From the blood of sacrifice
From the sweat of sugar cane and cotton
The unwilling woman unbound and free
The child soldier let go forever
The brute indenture of prostitutes laid down
To be free
Free in their time
Given pride and honor in their purpose
Given knowledge to grow and give back what they are
We would have burst forth with a power
That no Einstein nor Hawking  could conceive
Received exponentially what we lost in their servitude
But here we remain
Captive, bound and chained
Linked to this dwindling planet
Used up in our time
By the meaner spirits we let go
To be free

Woman!  Rise now
To be free
c  7/10/009
Sandy Hartman


Woman of the Universe

I am the world woman
I rise on the tide of the feminine mind
I make worlds strong wherever I go
I come on thunder and walk in the lightening
I call up the dawn
I bring down the stars
Rivers in ribbons are bound in my hair
My gown is the lace of diamonds and dew
I sleep with the sun
I make love to the moon
I am an Earth shaker
Born of the feminine kind
My songs ride out on the roaming winds
They sing in the whales, click in the crickets, mourn in the owls
Watch me dive in the ocean and swim with the fish
See me soar over mountains and nest in the cliffs
I burrow in Earth, deep for my home
I thrive in the desert, bloom in the jungle, play in the trees
Run wild on plains and meadows and heaths
I am the world woman
Keeper of the feminine kind
I fly with eagles, hunt with cougars
Howl with wolves and laugh with the loons
Hear me growl with gators and crocodiles
Hear me chatter with peacocks and consult with baboons
My arms open wide
I mother them all
I am the world woman
I am strong in the Earth, free in the sky, at home in the stars
I am Woman in the Universe
©  1/18/10     Sandy Hartman 


Moxy Laureate- Sandy Hartman

Sandy Hartman is a retired public school English and social studies teacher living in Jacksonville FL. She graduated  from the University of Denver in 1968 and received  her  Master’s Degree in education from Nova Southeastern University. She began writing poetry after retirement as a way to express the deeper visions she has in her heart for the world she sees unfolding today. She  publishes her poetry as a hobby and has won first prize as well as top placement for her work.

My sincere wish for each of us is the blessing that what our radiant inner spirits truly wish to be, will be~ Sandy Hartman 






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