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Rats in the hair- Really?


Rats in Your Hair? Really?
By Jean Harper

I started growing out my hair and it has been quite the experience since I have worn my hair short since I was about the age of, well let’s just say I was pretty young when I cut it off for the very first time. I have been tempted to cut it short again each time I visit my hairdresser but she keeps encouraging me, along with a good friend, to let it grow out.

I attended a fashion show recently and one of the models had beautiful long hair that was nice and smooth and a bit puffed on top. I made a comment about her hair and the woman sitting next to me said that she thought the woman had “ratted” her hair. She went on to inform me that back in history women actually put “rats” in their hair to make it stand up high. I looked at her and thought to myself, “is this woman a bit “coo-coo?”  She went on to exclaim this as factual information stating that women actually put live rats in their hair to make it stand up. I thought to myself, “If this is true, I hope those rats were trained to stay in place” and laughed it off.  Since the woman seemed so positive and convincing about her story I decided to search the world-wide-web for the truth on this topic.  After searching for some time I was not able to find anything to confirm this woman’s story.


"Ratting or more universally known as "teasing" or “backcombing” is the act of combing the hair in a backward motion to make the hair appear thicker on top. This action gives the roots more of a boost. If you want that puffy, helmet type of hairdo, or if you just want it to look fuller on top, you can backcomb it, tease it, or rat it unless you have unusually thick hair to begin with.

The technique for teasing hair is easy-  separate a section, brush or comb it from about the middle of the section towards the front of your head on the underside. This top layer of hair can be gently smoothed over all the clumpy bits underneath that you “tease” by combing those in the backward motion. You can apply the finishes touches with your fingers, apply hairspray and there you have it, instant big hair!  Well in my case it is more like the original- “rats in the hair” as I will need some practice to make this work for me. The option of cutting my hair off again is always an option but as it gets longer maybe I can master this process of teasing and have long and full hair once again before…well; before a certain age in life arrives, right? 

Does anyone know if the “rats in the hair” story is true?  If you find out please let me know. Send me an email to info@MoxyWomen.com and I'll share your findings with everyone.

Want to learn more about this technique? View the Video below:




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