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Home Improvement Tips for Women


Curb Appeal
By Lynda Lyday

April over already?  Holy macaroni!  Spring is flying by and before you know it, the window of opportunity to tackle outdoor projects will be gone. Giving your house a facelift is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also raises the value of your home.  With the weather still in your favor, roll up those sleeves and give your home some curb appeal!

Paint and Color

When was the last time you checked the outside of your home?  I mean really checked it from top to bottom?  How’s that paint holding up?  Is the color so…yesterday?  Maybe now is the time to add a fresh coat of paint and spruce it up with some color.  Remember, you want to bring value to your home so if a color looks good on your toes, it may not look so hot on your home! 

Don’t forget to scrape and sand old peeling paint and then prime the bare wood.  The proper preparation results in a lasting paint job.  Same with the type of paint you use.  The better quality paint, the longer the paint will last.  If you tackle this job yourself, don’t forget a large brim hat, sun block and plenty of water. 

Replace your Doors

Have you ever gone by a house and admired their door?  Something so simple can make all the difference.  Plus, replacing your door with an Energy Star qualified door will save you money in your utility bill by keeping the hot and cold temperatures out of your home.  (This goes for your windows too!)

Faux doors are all the rage.  Not only are they environmentally friendly, but also many times they outperform a natural wood door yet look exactly like “the real thing” and is practically maintenance free.  Now you can get an antique looking door with proper weather stripping.  Always make sure the door is framed and sealed properly with proper caulking, insulation and a door sweep if necessary.

Sometimes just the smallest touches can make such a difference.  How’s that mailbox holding up?  Are your address numbers on the house or curb looking a little shoddy?  Add accents such as a sophisticated entry handle to your door, outdoor house lanterns or solar lamps lining the sidewalk to keep your home feeling up to date with design trends.  One of my favorite accents is urethane millwork that are molded into various shapes, lightweight, paintable and easy to install.  There are door crossheads, pediments, pilasters and arched trim to spruce up any style of home.

Get a great pair of gloves that fit your hands to protect yourself when you trim bushes and shrubs.  Keep your plants neat and tidy especially close by your house so your windows and doors are clearly seen.   Window boxes add color when filled with blooming plants such as begonias, geraniums, pansies and impatiens. Perennials are a staple in most gardens and give a huge payoff of color each season.  Ornamental grasses have become very popular as tall accent plants and look beautiful in the breeze.

Maybe it’s time to put in a new pathway made of stone.  Whether you use real or faux stone, you can create a beautiful walkway by finding stones big enough for a foot to fit on it.  Place the stones on the ground where you would like them, cut around the stone with a long blade knife, remove the grass and place the stone on the dirt.  Now you have a natural looking footpath.

About Lynda Lyday
Lynda Lyday, America’s Home Improvement Expert, was the first woman to win The Golden Hammer Award in New York City having learned and perfected her trade through The United Brotherhood of Carpenters.  She was also the first woman to teach carpentry at the union school, and in 1997, Lynda was tapped to co-host a show as one of television’s only female carpenters on Discovery's “Give Me Shelter.” Lynda went on to host more than 350 home improvement shows for other notable networks like HGTV and DIY.  “The Fix” and “Talk2DIY” honored her with two Telly Awards.  Lynda became the go-to expert, both producing and hosting segments for media venues such as CNN, MSNBC, FOX NEWS, ABC, NBC’s “The Today Show” and numerous other national and local television shows.  Lynda has had two books published: Perigee Books: Lynda Lyday’s Do It Yourself, and subsequently, Que Publishing: A Homeowner’s Manual.

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Golden Hammer Award Winner, Member- United Brotherhood of Carpenters, Author- "Do It Yourself" and "A Homeowner's Manual"

Lynda Lyday has recently moved to St. Petersburg, FL and may be reached at villagehomeimprovement@gmail.com 

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