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Myth and Meaning

Myth and Meaning
By Karen Castle

Myths are the stories of our search through the ages for truth, for meaning, for significance.  We need life to signify, to touch the eternal, to understand the mysterious, to find out who we are. ~Joseph Campbell

Whether we are aware or not, many of us are on a personal search for meaning. Myths can help us with understanding the meaning of specific areas in our life. When we identify with a story or ancient myth, it helps us see our life objectively and therefore less personal so we can open up to it and get the most benefit for our life development and spiritual growth.

Finding a myth or story to relate to can happen naturally. At least it did for me. I experienced a deep meditation (called Holotropic Breathwork) that led me to identifying with the story of an ancient Goddess named Inanna. My connection to this Divine feminine presence was so strong that I wrote a book about it. This book helps women understand how ancient myths can be beneficial for connecting with inner courage, strength and empowerment through the eternal unfolding of life. Life is mysterious. There is no book of instructions, only clues to figure out on our own. However, we can find resources and tools to help us along the way.

In my book, Unveiling The Modern Goddess: Thru Symbolism, Chakras & Myth, I offer several tools that can be helpful to understand one’s life trajectory. The use of symbolism is an excellent way of interpreting a deeper meaning in some circumstances. For instance, many people interpret dreams through identifying with symbols. The chakra energies (the wheels of light within our body center) have a wide range of psycho-spiritual understanding that assist us in unblocking patterns and heal old wounds. I use my own life challenges with the story of an empowered woman/Goddess to identify with my inner power and overcome obstacles to ultimately live my highest potential. 


Life is a continuum of experiences. If we allow those experiences to touch us and complete us, we have a good chance of living our life fully and completely. On June 18th, I invite you to have your own experience. This Modern Goddess Retreat will be filled with insight using myth and symbolism to unfold our own internal process and allow us to map our future growth. A unique council of women will come together with the intention to “experience, rejuvenate and enjoy.”

We will top off the day with Moxy Women’s exclusive performance of Heartbeat. This musical journey will bring the Goddess energy to life and help us connect with our own modern Goddess within.

Every woman who attends this retreat and performance will leave with their own unique understanding of the Divine feminine. This inner creative force will help us reveal the truth of who we really are. To learn more about The Modern Goddess Retreat, see Events. For inquiry and questions, please contact Karen@karencastle.net.

Karen will be available for book signings at the retreat and at Hearbeat.

Author Bio: 

Karen Castle is an author and eclectic healthcare practitioner. Her background of Transpersonal Psychology, Chinese Medicine and Holotropic Breathwork offer a wide variety of insight for healing of the mind, body and spirit. Visit her website www.karencastle.net for more info.




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