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360 Wisdom: A Guide to Discovering You




Just Released!
360 Wisdom: A Guide To Discovering You

Some of you ladies may remember Claire Chidley giving us a 'barn-storming' talk on 360 Wisdom at the Moxy Woman conference a couple of years ago. I'm delighted to inform you that Claire's book on the subject '360 Wisdom: A Guide to Discovering You' has been printed and is available on her website shop at www.clairechidley.com

Her book is designed to help people who are 'stuck in a rut' about work, money or relationships or are going through a major life change e.g. kids starting school, leaving home for college, preparing for retirement.

360 Wisdom aims to help you find balance in your life by focusing your development on four Quarters within the 360 Wisdom Circle. Once you have aligned these and found your balance, a world of possibility opens for you as you start to understand what your talent is (Claire believes we all have something special we can contribute to improve our lives and those of our community), the next step is to develop a strategy for realizing it. Your life will change for the better as you journey to reaching your full potential!

Leading UK Astrologer and vegetarian cookery writer Rose Elliot says about Claire's book:  "What a beautiful, professional and inspiring job you have done with it. I like the way you have balanced the psychological and scientific elements with ‘new age’ ideas and the way you’ve made it suitable for different types of people ranging from those in business to social workers to creative people, and so on. I also like your original approach. I definitely feel it deserves a wide audience".

So, let’s put Claire on the map. Buy her book and she will send a personally signed copy to you from ‘across the pond.’  (When you go to buy a copy, Claire says click on the £ and it will convert into $. In fact, the book will cost a bit less than the advertised $24.99 as a result!

About Claire

Claire Chidley is a transformational trainer, coach, mentor and public speaker. Claire is also an entrepreneur with an acute business-sense who has worked in leadership positions in the public and private sectors for 25 years in the UK and in Europe, the Far East, Asia and the USA.

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