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The Still and Now

Zen Speed
By Suzen

Zen speed is less about zoom and more about Om. I love speed, I love fast, I am by nature a bit impatient and if unchecked, maybe even pushy!  Also, I have been known to be shamelessly competitive, especially when it comes to fast or first. I was swimming yesterday, feeling the flow of my body at one with the water, doing leisurely laps, until I noticed a guy in the lane next to me almost even with me. What did I do? Of course you know. I practically drown pumping to the wall in the most casual way possible. But I DID get there first. Victory!! Bring out the pedestal and gold medal! I have to admit there was a feeling of euphoria. Thank God I was the only one who noticed!

Om is kind of like no speed at all. Just being.  How totally awesome is that? It’s like a falling away of everything and a freedom pervaded by peace.  And in the midst of that you are one with you and all is well; the center of the universe.

I am learning the speed of Zen. I find that it is not retiring, slow or even just patient, it is being present; aware and engaged in the moment.  Now I have to say, I was positively present the moment of my swimming competition, which may have contributed to my sense of absolute joy at the wall. That and the fact that my competition was a guy and about 20 years younger than me! Of course his decided disadvantage was his complete lack of awareness that there was even a race going on!

Today, on the Road to Zen, I will be aware of what is going on, I will engage in the moment, I will notice the freedom I feel in a space of peace.


About the Author

I’m a simple work in progress, a lover of reality, a spiritual seeker. My desire is towards simplicity and inner stillness, regardless of the circumstances of life. All is well at this center. My road to Zen always leads me there.

What is Zen? My core concept of Zen is simplicity so I will give the simple answer: Zen is a form of meditation, choosing experiential realization over theoretical knowledge for the attainment of enlightenment. So, my blog, The Road to Zen is about simplicity, stillness and awareness. In stillness I find my true self. When I remove the clutter I find the pearl and with awareness I see only love, gratitude, and forgiveness.

Zen is not a religion, but can aid in most any religion or no religion. My purpose is not religious in nature, but at the same time I believe simplicity, awareness, and love are the essence of the spirit.

A comment I heard a few years ago dropped into my soul like a live seed that has taken root and provided me with a growing garden. “The key to having it all is loving it all.” Sounds simple doesn’t it? It is simple. Love what is, nothing is lacking, and somehow, magically, more shows up. More to love and more to be grateful for, a virtual waterfall of happiness. This is my Road to Zen.

You can read my blog and poetry at: OnTheRoadToZen.com


View the video below for an introduction to the Zen Mind




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