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Are You a Piece of Work or a Work of Art?

Are You a Piece of Work or a Work of Art?
By Jean Harper

All art is autobiographical. The pearl is the oyster's autobiography. ~Federico Fellini

An oyster passes a pearl after it has endured extraordinary irritation. It creates an incredible work of art through patience and persistence. Our mothers see us as a miracle of perfection from the moment of our birth. How do we become such a “Piece of work” rather than the “Work of Art” that we are born to be?

I have a few very close female friends. We trust each other completely, confide whatever is on our minds, encourage and support each other through life’s ups, downs and unexpected curveballs. We are to each other everything that good friends should be and I treasure these friendships beyond measure.

It’s great to have good friends. While most people have one or two really close friends, many don’t even have one close friend. This type of isolation can lead to depression. I can’t imagine my life without friends. In today’s society we have options such as TV, iPods and computers that help us stay home and tune out. There are the new trends such as online social networking that have helped us counter the isolation and have led many people to find new friends. I have several friends and acquaintances that have made friends and even fallen in love through connecting, in some way, on the internet. This is the good side of technology! Agree?

As humans we have our ups and downs and there is no better way to get you out of a “rut” than calling up a friend to bounce things off. I was having an “emotional” week last week and a bit of a “pity party”. I called up a friend while on a long drive home from a business trip and I got the opportunity to dump all of my woes through the phone and into my friend’s ear.  When you have someone who knows you well they can recognize when you are having one of those days and remind you how to get back to center and to what is most important. After my little pity episode was over and I arrived home, I broke out into laughter and thought “I am such a piece of work!” I sent that exact text message to my friend who sent a text back that said “And that is supposed to be a news flash?”  “What have you done now?”  With that I started laughing even harder.






I came inside the house and started looking around admiring my almost clutter-free home. There is nothing like coming home after being away. I thought about my blessings and how even though I don’t have as many “things” as I used to, I am so much happier. I thought about how I felt just a few years ago before I stepped on my current path of awakening to my true self. I have changed so much and all of the things I have experienced over the last few years have taught me more than all the other decades of my life. I am thankful for my current status of moderation. My life is feeling more each day like a work of art. After all, it took Leonardo Di Vinci over 4 years to finish a portion of his “Mona Lisa” and then he had to take years away from it before he finally got back to finishing it. Few other works of art have been subject to so much analysis, study, mythologizing, and imitation. Maybe it takes us more than one lifetime to become a work of art? How about you, are you working on your great masterpiece?

As I reflect on how fortunate I am to have friends, I am reminded of the upcoming celebration of Mother’s Day. My mom was my best friend and while I have several best friends now, there is no one who can replace a mom. Happy Mother’s Day Annie Harper! I think of you every day and even though we chat often energetically, I miss hearing your voice. Thank you for giving me my life and the chance to continue working on my own “work of art”.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers and friends! You are all a work of art just like the pearl and just as your mom imagined you, a miracle of perfection. 


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