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Jul 2009 - Nancy O' Reilly


Clinical Psychologist, Author, Keynote Speaker

Springfield, Missouri  USA


"Each and every day help to empower another women and never put her down,
you only hurt yourself and all of us if you do" ~Dr Nancy D. O'Reilly, PsyD.


Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Nancy O'Reilly grew up surrounded by Moxy Women. Her mother was a very successful real estate salesperson and her grandmother- who was 4'11" and a sweet, kind, woman, basically ran the jewelry business while her husband was away and for a period of time during the depression.  Nancy spent a great deal of time with her grandmother who she describes as a commanding woman. Nancy felt she learned a lot of life's lessons from her grandmother. Also in this section, Nancy speaks of her father, sister, her two brothers and about what it was like growing up in Tennessee and Virginia.

In Part Two Nancy discusses her artistic talent.  Nancy was discouraged by so-called experts when she was younger therefore her practice of painting was delayed until she reached the age of 50.  She started out painting abstracts and landscapes but went on to paint women.  Her Glory of Women Series was completed for her WomenSpeak Project.  Nancy started this project to research the challenges women face at various decades in life and to give women a platform to discuss issues that concern them. After interviewing and surveying over 1200 women, she found that over half of the women surveyed most feared growing older in our society.  She discovered that some women have better strategies than others because of good role models and support from other women. Timeless Women, as she calls them, don’t let age and circumstances define who they are or who they want to become. Instead, they use resources and connections with other women to take charge of their lives and create the best possible journey.

In Part Three Nancy touches on competition among women, pointing out that sports teaches women how to compete fairly with other women and encourages women to support other women in a healthy way.  She discusses the pressure of women to measure up to images presented through marketing campaigns and the effect this has on women as they try to reach unrealistic image goals.  In this section she also discusses her travels with other health professionals to China to evaluate their health system in a kind of East meets West on issues of health. 

In Part Four Nancy discusses her work as a traumatologist- treating victims of disasters such as the 9-11 bombing of the World Trade Center, hurricane victims and other disasters.  When asked what single accomplishment she is most proud of, she candidly speaks about her 3 daughters and teaching them that they can do anything that they set their minds to accomplish in life.  She wants her daughters to know that, as women, we are not yet finished breaking through the barriers for full equality but that there is nothing that they can't do if they truly want to.  She describes herself as a introverted woman working hard to become an extrovert and offers her advice to do more for ourselves- keeping our personal basket full of resources to stay healthy and happy.

In Part Five and the final portion of the video interview with Dr. Nancy O'Reilly she discusses her own personal mentors which include her mother, grandmother and her own immediate family.  She adds a personal note of who she most admires and also mentions many women in leadership roles in politics.  She offers her final words of advice to women, shares with us her hobbies and dreams and leaves us with what's next for this amazing Moxy Woman.

Take the time to learn more about Dr. Nancy by visiting her website at WomenSpeak.com

Photos Below taken of Nancy at her beachfront home in Florida




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