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Life Compass

My Life’s Compass
By Jean Harper

“We are affirming our trust that creation means well within us all, and that whatever painful growth and change may lie ahead, it is leading us to Life, not destruction” ― Margaret Silf, Sacred Spaces

Have you taken your vacation? Interested in exploring the great outdoors or a foreign country? Have you thought to bring a compass?  I just recently returned from vacation.  I did a lot of driving on this trip and found myself turned around quite a bit and unable to figure out which way I was going.  I was wishing for a compass so that I could tell which way is north. The GPS on my phone was leading me in a circle at times and I just wanted an old-fashioned compass to assure me I was heading in the right direction. I eventually arrived where I was headed, in each instance, but it just took me longer than usual on this recent trip.

As I reflect on my vacation and my thoughts of the compass, I am reminded of my own “internal” life-compass. I have learned that my internal compass is none other than my “feelings”.  I can tell when I wake up in the morning whether or not I have been thinking positive thoughts by how I am feeling; first come thoughts and then come feelings.  If I ignore my feelings, I get lost!  Happens every time! 

Sometimes we just get lost in our lives. There’s no map and we don’t know or ignore how to follow our internal compass. We just don’t know which way is true North.


I love going to see new things, learning about the historical sights, experiencing different cultures and food; however, the best part is returning home to my own home town to share what I have done with my friends and family. My life-compass always tells me that true North is home sweet home.

"Be grateful for the home you have, knowing that at this moment, all you have is all you need." ~Sarah Ban Breathnach

Enjoy your vacation!  Bring the red shoes and remember to click!



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