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Stringing Together a Miracle

Rainbow over Sunset Beach, Tuesday, August 14, 2012 (Photo Courtesy of Suzen Fields)

Stringing it all Together for a Miracle
By Jean Harper

During my daily visits to the beach in early morning I often see beauty that is so distinct that I never see it repeated.  This week was exceptional as I saw a rainbow in the making.  This rainbow started as a very faint hint of color just above the horizon and then emerged into a very visible portion of a rainbow.  I thought how lucky it was to see this and as I sat there longer this rainbow became more vibrant and beautiful and in the end became an absolutely perfect rainbow, end to end.  It remained visible throughout my large, full, cup of coffee.   I got up from my chair to begin my morning walk on the beach. I put on my headphones and walked for some time before looking out at the water again.  After having walked some distance I looked to my left and saw another rainbow; again it was perfect from end to end and I felt like it was following me!  I started reflecting on things, like how I put my house on the market and within a few days I had 4 offers! I accepted one of them!  I thought, “Maybe the rainbow is following me!”

When I arrived home and started to pull in my driveway, I looked to my right and in the middle of my driveway sat a beautiful hawk.  His wings were spread out and pointed down, his neck crooked forward.  As I looked farther there was a second hawk!  I had never seen a hawk sitting on the ground and to see two of them, I was feeling a little “woo woo” especially after the rainbow vision.

Did you know that using images to activate your intuition is EXTREMELY potent! As a matter of fact, if you ask almost any intuitive they will tell you that much of the information they receive comes through imagery. Images are the language of our soul.  I use images to connect me with the deepest layers of my Self and help jumpstart a process of authentic introspection and inner clarity.

Almost everybody has seen the great vision of a rainbow radiating through the clouds at some time or another in their life, but has everyone really stopped and contemplated this natural phenomenon? It consists of beautiful hues of color. It astonishes and amazes many of us. But where does it come from? What creates it? And most importantly, is there a meaning for it? We know from science class that a rainbow is produced by the phenomenon involving the prismatic refraction of light, and the curvature of the earth.  Without the tiny droplets of water that make up the misty air of rain we would not see the rainbow.  This morning’s rainbow had a mist around it; nature’s prism that made me feel really blessed.  I have seen tiny rainbows at the bottom of waterfalls and even from my lawn sprinkler.  I am glad that Columbus was wrong when he said the world was flat.  Without that curvature we would not have our rainbows.


Sir Isaac Newton pointed out that the rainbow not only consists of the 7 colors that we normally relate it to, but actually could be several thousand colors because of the fact that the colors gradually merge into one another, therefore creating numerous amounts of other colors as well. The science major in me is coming out more often as I grow older and I enjoy contemplating these things. I would love to be able to sit with Sir Isaac and Einstein and enjoy a glass of wine and talk about theories. I wonder if that is possible? 

What about the Hawk? What does it mean to see a Hawk? I decided to Google it and found this “anonymous” sentence, “If you are seeing a Hawk it usually means that you are seeing what you should be seeing from the other world.” “Whoa”, I thought, I have been listening too much to the beautiful music of Snatam Kaur before I go to bed each night. I have been particularly drawn to one particular song and I go to sleep listening to it. The song, “Aadays Tisai Aadays” is a mantra that according to Kundalini Yogis gives one the entire knowledge of the Universe without ever reading a book. It is the yogi's humble bowing to the infinite. Ah, maybe I don’t need to read more, I can just listen.

You may be wondering where I am going with all this rambling. Well, I don’t know. I have heard and believe that seeing a rainbow symbolizes that you are being blessed. The hawk symbolizes seeing what you should be seeing from the outer world, according to “Anonymous”. And what about all of my good luck recently? Then it came to me! It’s about “miracles”!

I would like to find the end of this brief article but I started thinking of the “String” theory which then took me back to “Aadays Tisai Aadays”… Maybe we humans are open strings that can’t travel to parallel dimensions. Well, until I figure it all out and able to explain it further I will come to this end. Feel free to send me your comments and thoughts. Maybe we can figure this out together.

I Believe in Miracles! See you on Friday, August 24th for the Moxy Miracle Concert! Experience another dimension!

Enjoy this simplified explanation of the String Theory! See you in another dimension!


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