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Just Blink- Things Will Fall into Place!

Just Blink- Things Will Fall Into Place!
by Jean Harper

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass it’s about learning to dance in the rain ~ Anonymous

In the middle of a storm it is hard to imagine that things will fall into divine order.  I am not referring to a storm in the literal sense but in reference to life’s storms.  I believe that in order to fully experience complete joy one must have experienced pain and sadness; after all, how would we know what makes us happy without knowing what doesn’t.  Through the very darkest periods of my life, have come the greatest lessons, and through these lessons I have awakened to a life that I would never imagined for myself.  I can truly say, I am happy, and not for any external or monetary reasons, but for the life I have lived and the lessons I have learned that have led me to this moment in which I now live.

Looking back to my childhood and unlike most children I dreamed of my future, even imagining the details.  I read the original novel by Gertrude Warner called, The Box-Car Children and like the children in the story I set out, one day, to make my home in an abandoned box-car in the forest.  I remember wandering in the woods looking for the box-car that I would call home.  I imagined I would dig a large hole off to the side of my box-car and it would fill with rain water, creating my swimming pool.  I pictured how I would decorate my box-car home and saw myself outside, by the fire, roasting marshmallows, with my little white dog I appropriately named “Whitey” right beside me.  In my home there would be peace, love and abundance but most of all, I would be safe.  I ended up lost that day and several miles from home, and by the time I finally made my way back, it was dusk.  I tried to slip in the back door without being noticed and crawled into my bed, but not before putting on layers and layers of clothing. I knew my mom would not be happy with my little disappearing act and there might be a spanking in my future.  Yes, a spanking indeed would come, and a little bit of my innocence would be lost that day.  Shortly after, my dog Whitey was hit by a car.  I remember holding him in my arms, crying, but there would be no way he would be saved.  I feel as if I blinked and the decades- passed.

One day you’re innocent, then circumstances find you in an unlikely situation and you wonder why it happened or worse, how you could have been so stupid, but when it happens enough times you find yourself changed in ways that will keep you from ever making the same mistakes again.


After the death of a loved one, we learn to live in the moment. After we experience great pain or illness, we learn to feel gratitude for being healthy. After we survive the heartbreak of love lost, we learn to recognize true love when it arrives and not take it for granted. One of my great lessons came after I lost my life’s savings. There was a time in my life when I had everything that I wanted or better put, all that I wanted that money could buy. I thought there was an endless flow of money and for most of my career that seemed to hold true. Then the “perfect storm” arrived and I found myself caught up in trying to keep my head above water. This period of about eight years seemed to batter me so hard that I did not know if I would make it, but I did, and from this battering I learned truly who I am and what I am capable of. I learned to love and respect myself and with my “rising from the ashes” I now enjoy and appreciate every little thing that I once took for granted. When I go to the beach now I feel so much joy that sometimes my eyes well-up with uncontrollable tears, and I am not being facetious! When I see the ocean, I not only see it, I breathe it in, smell it, and almost taste it. When the birds fly above me I feel the vibrations from their wings and hear the music in the sounds they make. I “feel” the sand beneath my feet as I walk and observe the ocean-- a master artist, as she flows over her canvas made of sand and recedes back into herself revealing her ever changing work of art on the shore. Sometimes I take pictures of this art so that I can share it with a friend in a text message.

I blinked, and now I find myself here and “present.” Things are falling into place and life couldn’t be better. When I blink again, I will be mindful of all I have learned; everything happens for a reason and in the words of Louise Hay, “Only good lies before me.”

Just blink it!!



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