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Our Planet

Just Because You Don’t Love Yourself—Don’t Take it Out on the Rest of Us and the Planet!
By Jean Harper

“Our task must be to free ourselves... by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.” ― Albert Einstein

I had a wake-up call recently during one of my morning trips to the beach. I parked my car, opened the door and when I looked down to step out, I saw trash. It’s not like it was the first time I have seen litter but in order to get out of my car I would need to step right into it.  I was just appalled by the site of this and found it very hard to believe that someone would just throw this down and leave it!  I got out of my car, stepping over the trash and went back to my trunk to get out my chair for the beach.  I looked to my left and to the edge of the next parking space there was more trash and this time it was spread all along the side of where a car would have been parked; obviously thrown out the window of the person who indulged in the contents.  Now I’m mad!

I noticed a woman standing on a balcony facing the parking lot.  I looked up at her and commented on the trash. She was sitting there smoking a cigarette and agreed with me that it was terrible.  I wanted to ask her for a trash bag but she got up from her chair and went back inside before I could ask.  I decided to test the situation and see if she might come down with a trash bag and pick up the trash.  I knew if she didn’t that I would definitely pick it all up when I returned. I decided to just see if anyone would pick it up before I got back.

After the taste is gone--how about throwing it in the TRASH!

As I sat on the beach trying to do my morning meditation all I could think about was that litter and it didn’t stop there. As I sat in my chair I started noticing more litter; cigarette butts were right next to my chair. I got up to walk and instead of finding sea shells I was finding more litter; fishing line, plastic bottles, broken glass, paper, more cigarette butts, cigar tips, condoms, and the list goes on and on.  It seems I had tuned in on finding litter everywhere. I knew I had to do something.

When I arrived back to my car the parking lot was full of cars and the trash, well, it was still there and now spread around a little more. I picked up the trash but knew I had to share this story with you. I thought how great it would be to “expose” the person who had thrown down the trash and as my mind raced on I thought about how we could use DNA to reveal the litterbugs of the world.   

Did you really smoke 3 boxes of these before you got out of the car? Your choice to trash your body but it's illegal to do this!

Read this: Litterbugs Beware: Turning Found DNA Into Portraits by Acacia Squires

Just a few weeks earlier I had been noticing an unusual number of dead birds on the beach and to my surprise one morning there was a site I will never forget; a giant sea turtle washed up on the shore.  Even though this creature had departed this world it was still majestic as is clearly visible in the photo below. I wonder what happened to this great being of the sea.  I imagine it could be pollution that killed him; perhaps a victim of the last oil spill in the Gulf.

Litter is everywhere, it’s on the beach, in the parks, on the roadside of every road in America and we have to do something.  Please don’t litter!  It’s not just about you; it’s about all of life. Remember the anti-litter campaign slogan, “Every litter bit hurts” and just take a moment to throw your trash where it belongs; in the garbage can.

I came across this video below and was amazed at how few people have viewed it.  I hope you will share this, as difficult as it is to watch, it is important that we are all educated about what is happening.



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