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Jan 2009 - Vy Higginsen

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Communicator- Visionary

Producer, Publisher, Playwright, Lyricist, Author, Editor,
Radio Personality, Educator, Philanthropist, Keynote Speaker, Interfaith Minister

Harlem, New York USA

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Take One Step and Produce Your Own Life

By:  Jean Harper

"The success of any people, idea, product or service depends on the ability to communicate effectively."

~ Vy Higginsen

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When I arrived for my interview with Vy Higginsen I was not sure what to expect from this Moxy Woman.  I had read quite a bit about her in preparation for the interview and I knew there was much more I wanted to learn.  Vy's beautiful daughter Knoelle welcomed us in and when Vy entered the room I knew that I was in for a treat. Vy Higginsen is the perfect example of a Moxy Woman.  There was much to learn from her and I was eager to get started.

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Watch Video blue 3.pngIn Part 1 of our video interview, Vy talks about her childhood and her family.  This part ends with her destiny set in motion.  She speaks here of her discovery of what she knew she didn't want to spend her life doing. 


Watch Video blue 3.pngIn Part 2 of our interview Vy discusses how she came to create, write and produce her Off-Broadway Musical- "Mama I Want to Sing".  This show ran for eight years and 2,200 performances at the Off-Broadway Heckscher Theater in East Harlem. In March 1986, Mama began a national tour of the USA, playing two consecutive years in major cities including Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia and Washington. International tours have included Austria, Japan, Germany, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, and Yugoslavia. Also, Mama played for six months on the West End of London.

Watch Video blue 3.pngIn Part 3 of our interview Vy discusses the story behind the musical.  The story is loosely based on the life of Vy's sister, Doris Troy ( hit single-“Just One Look”) the Musical follows the growth and development of Doris  from her roots in her father’s church in Harlem to her rise to international fame as a pop singer.  In this section Vy recalls, with emotion, the opening of the musical- when she and her husband Ken Wydro, who co-wrote and co-produced the play, thought of giving up.  The play went on to sell out and feature stars such as Chaka Khan.

Watch Video blue 3.pngIn Part 4 Vy discusses her sister Doris Troy and her rise to fame as an earlyDoris+Troy-125x125.jpg R&B vocalist with a #1 hit song- "Just One Look".  Vy traveled the world with her sister and experienced a great deal during this time. Here Vy lets us in to her deeper beliefs about tapping into the unlimited, universal source of abundance and prosperity.


Watch Video blue 3.pngIn Part 5 Vy comes back to her roots and starts giving back to her community again through her foundation that works with teens and the arts.



Vy Higginsen's School for Gospel, Jazz and R&B Arts trains talented singers, musicians, and arrangers.  Helping to develop singers’ vocal power and stage presence as well as teach a substantial musical repertoire. Participants have the opportunity to develop the habits and attitudes that create success in any endeavor.

VY HIGGINSENVy Higginsen res2.jpg
Mama Foundation For the Arts
The School For Gospel, Jazz and R & B Arts
149 West 126th Street
New York, NY 10027

Click Here to Learn More

Watch Video blue 3.pngIn Part 6 Vy gives her advice to all women.  Her quote- "You lose some of the time what you go after, but you lose all the time what you don't go after!" is expressed here along with more great advice from Vy on how to create your own prosperity.


 Vy Higginsen is a pioneer, a visionary and a woman that explodes with Moxy. 

One of the most amazing tasks Vy took on was to research her own genetic genealogy.  She believes that it is crucial for African Americans to know their roots.

Vy and Marion.jpg

In searching Vy discovered  her cousin Marion West.   This lead to an interview with 60 minutes correspondent, Lesley Stahl.  You don't want to miss this CBS Special.

Photo right- Vy with her cousin Marion West

Genealogy -- researching family history -- is one of the most popular hobbies in this country, right up there with gardening. A nation of immigrants, we almost all come from somewhere else we wish we knew more about, so searching for our roots holds tremendous appeal. And today there is an exciting new addition to the genealogists' tool kit: genetic genealogy.

As correspondent Lesley Stahl first reported last fall, it turns out that inside each one of us, within every cell of our bodies, is information about who our ancestors were, where they lived, and who we're related to today. Our DNA contains hidden stories about our pasts, and scientists, together with businessmen, are now offering ways to help us read them.

Click Here  to View the segment from the CBS website and learn more about Vy and her cousin Marion.

In finalizing this article I wonder if Vy Higginsen could have visualized that on the opening of her musical- "Mama I want to Sing" - to a small audience in Harlem, that one day this play/musical would be the basis of a film featuring an all-star cast of celebrities such as Platinum recording artist, Ciara along with Grammy Winner-PattiMama movie-New-Main2.jpg LaBelle, Emmy Award Winner-Lynn Whitfield as well as  Hill Harper and Billy Zane.  The film opens around the world in April, 2009

Click Here to View the Trailer of This Upcoming Film

Vy Higginsen is an example for all of us.  I know for me- I have never achieved anything that I didn't visualize first, in my mind.  Vy's example confirms this and I plan to keep moving forward!

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Moxy or (Moxie) Women refers to women who demonstrate courage and/or bravery to go for their dreams.  These women have mastered the balance of strength as with the "Ox" and the mental and emotional calmness as in "Om" to form a totality of feminine influence.

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