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Feb 2009 - Christine Stevens

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Internationally acclaimed speaker, author, and music therapist 
Los Angeles, California USA

View Trailer Below for a Preview of her Story and the Creation of the "Moxy Drumbeat"!

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To Thine Own Drum Be True

By Jean Harper

"To drum is every woman's lineage; from the first drum beat of our mother,
to the empowerment of women's spirits through rhythm!" 
~Christine Stevens

Christine Stevens can best be described as funny, nice, hip, cool, creative, beautiful, Christine beach res.jpgintelligent, sexy, caring, insightful, trusting, outgoing, adventurous, energetic, self- confident, talented, spiritual,  hardworking, dedicated and definitely Moxy!  If I have left out any other positive adjectives- just add them in because she is that and much more! 

Watch Video blue 3.pngIn Part 1 of our video interview Christine describes her childhood and how she came to find her passion for drumming.  She discusses her path to becoming a Musical Spirit Coach and that magic encounter that changed her forever.

Watch Video blue 3.pngIn Part 2 of our interview Christine provides us insight  into Christine Stevens-the woman and friend; her love life and how she spends her spare time when she is not drumming around the world.


Watch Video blue 3.pngIn Part 3 Christine describes her experience drumming with some of the most famous personalities on television and film.  She deliberates on the connection that drumming enhances; bringing hearts together as one and reveals her inner feelings and thoughts on her chosen work and destiny.


Watch Video blue 3.pngIn Part 4 Christine openly describes her trip to Iraq.  She discusses the women of Iraq and the challenges they face.  The women's movement is just birthing in Iraq and she provides a great story of how music communicates energy and promotes love even in the most difficult of situations.


Watch Video blue 3.pngIn Part 5 and the final video of our interview, Christine reveals how she discovered her moxy and began living as a "moxy servant".  She discusses women's intution and how she has tuned her gifts. She communicates her future endeavors and sets the tone for all of us to discover our passion and our "moxy".

"Drums somehow overcome all the things that stop people from making music.
We may turn away, but the primal beat just keeps on calling."

- Christine Stevens, Fort Collins Forum


 The UpBeat Philosophy You Are Muscial!

Being musical does not have to be difficult.
The ability to be musical comes from within.

You don't have to play an instrument to be musical.
You already ARE an instrument.

You are a naturally born musical being.
As a child, you made up songs.
You explored the world of sound and rhythm daily.
There is musical spirit waiting to be rediscovered in you.
Musical expression is everyone's birthright.

Music is not reserved for concert halls.
It can be an everyday event in everyday places.
Your performance in the shower or car is what matters most.

Making music is within your grasp.
It's about living a creative and spirited life.
It's about the choice to awaken your musical spirit
and create harmony in your life.

This is for everyone who was ever told they were not musical,
Not good enough,
Silenced and excluded from music-making,
Yet still yearning for musical expression.

Unlock your musical spirit,
Quench the longing to bring music into your life,
Create harmony in your life and reconnect with the music
that allows your soul to sing.

(above from UpBeat Drum Circles)


 For more information on Christine Stevens visit her website at:

UpBeat Drum Circles
P.O. Box 55245
Valencia, CA 91385-0245

Christine Stevens, MSW, MT-BC

Christine Stevens is an internationally acclaimed author, music therapist, and speaker. The founder of UpBeat Drum Circles, she has appeared on NBC, CBS and Living Better TV. She is a frequent contributing writer for a variety of health magazines on music and wellness. She has drummed with many Fortune 500 companies internationally, students at ground zero and most recently survivors of Katrina in New Orleans. She is the author of The Healing Drum Kit and The Art and Heart of Drum Circles.

As a member of an integrative research team, Christine has published studies on the scientific benefits of group drumming. Christine serves on the editorial board of Explore: The Journal of Science & Healing. With over 18 years of experience developing drumming programs for such groups as the students at Columbine High School, Ground Zero, and survivors of hurricane Katrina from St. Bernard Parish in New Orleans. She has also worked with major corporations, including DuPont, The Department of Defense, and Verizon.

Click Here to learn more about Christine's books, CDs, DVDs and other resources and programs for personal and organizational wellness.

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Moxy or (Moxie) Women refers to women who demonstrate courage and/or bravery to go for their dreams.  These women have mastered the balance of strength as with the "Ox" and the mental and emotional calmness as in "Om" to form a totality of feminine influence.

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