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Mar 2009 - Minx Boren

Minx MarMoxy Minx.jpg

Writer, Poet, Personal- Business- Healthwise and Authentic Happiness Coach

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

View Video Below- A Poem About Hope

The Reason Behind the Rhyme
By:  Jean Harper

"The world is in too much trouble for us to make ourselves small" ~ Minx Boren


Minx Boren demonstrates what may be best described as "quiet power" and has a passion for learning.  Because of her experiences with a sick child and an ill mother, Minx went on a research path to discover how to cook for health which set her on aMinx Boren Headshot w pearls res.jpg course, early on, as a nutritionist.  This process facilitated some meaningful collaborations and she began an innovative exploration into new cutting edge technologies such as Emotional Intelligence, Appreciative Inquiry, and Authentic Happiness. 

Today Minx is helping individuals and organizations discover how to lead healthy, happier lives and rallying to raise consciousness for a better world.

Watch Video blue 3.pngIn Part 1 of our video interview, Minx discusses her experience with her young son.  As a young child her son suffered from severe asthma and was in and out of emergency rooms.  The doctors put him on heavy medications such as steroids and inhalants.  Minx was determined to change the destiny of her son as she was very familiar with the side effects of these medications; her mother had been ill from the time that Minx was born and was prescribed these same medications. 

Minx dove deeply into research to find a way to cure her son without these medications and found a way to do that by learning to cook for health.

Watch Video blue 3.pngIn Part 2 of our inteview, Minx discusses the importance of participating in a women's group.  While in New York she belonged to a group called, The Bliss Group; women showing up as a source of bliss in the universe.  When Minx came to Florida this type of group was missing in her life until she met her new friend, Susan Klein (part of the team that founded Coach U).


Watch Video blue 3.pngIn Part 3 Minx discusses her childhood as a first generation American with family members that were holocaust survivors. Minx's mother was ill from the time that Minx was born and expectedly she grew up in a serious setting.  She learned to keep herself busy, stay quiet and not disturb anyone.  Minx was a good student, a voracious reader and early on, a writer- including poetry.  Reading gave her the chance to dialog with the writers; her book pages covered with underlined text and the margins filled with her questions- she felt as though she was having a conversation with the various writers.  Her serious environment, at home, made her more curious than most children and she learned to  live inside her head, pondering and questioning the world and speaking out, as she still does today- from her heart and mind, and with her pen.

In this section, Minx also discusses how she stays in shape today; spin classes, weight training, Pilates, yoga, walking and of course, eating well.

Watch Video blue 3.pngIn Part 4 Minx discusses the poems she sent to President Obama.  She discusses here more of the fine points of her current coaching practices and the hypothetical circumstances of how these practices are effective including: emotional intelligence, visioning, appreciative inquiry, mentoring and spirituality.  Minx offers her advice to women and discusses the one individual accomplishment that has been most fulfilling of all for her. 


Watch Video blue 3.pngIn Part 5- our final video, Minx talks about her book of poems Finding My Way;  5 years of poems tucked away in a shoe box and now brought to the page- poetry evoking feelings from sadness to happiness and every sentiment in between.  She invites everyone into her language of the soul and ends this video by reading us the very appropriate poem of Hope.


Happy Mother's Day, Minx!  May all the children of the world be so fortunate as to have a tenacious, caring mother as Minx Boren.  Thank you for the beautiful poetry that you share from your heart and mind and through your pen.  And as a coach to all of your clients- you are a natural.  I ask myself, aren't all great moms, great coaches?  You have taken the time, done the research, mastered the plan and the world is getting better every day because of Moxy Women, like you. 

Thanks Minx!

at my best

By:  Minx Boren


when I arrive
at the edge of the world
when I find that point
of no return
will I know the way
to let my heart soar
into the unknown
or will I struggle
holding back
reluctant and too fearful
to peer over the precipice
of my life
and into the vast beyond

will caution override the Call
the risk of chaos throwing a cog
into the wheel of my willingness
braking my momentum
or can I take a running leap
into the waiting arms
of the Beloved

of course I cannot know
but I am practicing my leaps
every chance I get

how else does one learn to fly?



"Feeling My Way- 99 Poetic Journeys"

from the heart, mind and pen of Minx Boren

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Moxy or (Moxie) Women refers to women who demonstrate courage and/or bravery to go for their dreams.  These women have mastered the balance of strength as with the "Ox" and the mental and emotional calmness as in "Om" to form a totality of feminine influenc

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