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May 2009 - Jennifer Holloway

Jennifer Holloway Header final.jpg

Inventor, Journalist, News Anchor, Author, Philanthropist 

Tampa Bay, Florida USA


Good Girls can Finish First
By:  Jean Harper

Jennifer Holloway is about the most pleasant person I think I have ever met.  She is beautiful, bright, kind, giving, warm and funny.  However, don't let all of this niceness fool you as she is also a Moxy Woman to the core.  When she wants to do something, no matter how immense it may be, she just moves through it as if it is a sure thing, making no room for limiting thoughts- and for her, it has worked every time! (Click Arrow Left to Watch Part One of Video Interview)

Jennifer is originally from Hiawassee, Georgia, a small town north of Atlanta;  a small mountain community built around a lake and with only 2 stop lights.  Her family owned a dairy and trout farm and she grew up being a tomboy.  An admitted daddy's girl, she helped her dad build houses,  drove dozers, backhoes, bucket trucks and came home covered in red clay dirt. 

When Jennifer was just six years old she became best friends with a 68 year old auntJennifer Holloway young.jpg who lived next door to her family.  It was from her best friend, Aunt Jean, and from the many other strong women role models, in her life, such as Miss Martha and the first woman president of the bank in her hometown  that she attributes important lessons that she has carried throughout her life; lessons about the quality of life and about giving back. (Watch Part Two for more on Jennifer)

In 5th grade, Jennifer attended a school field trip to the WSB-TV Station in Atlanta.  It was there she met news anchor, Monica Kauffman.  From that day forward she knew what she wanted to do with her life- she wanted to be a news anchor- to be on TV.  She practiced her interview skills on her parents.  Pretending to be Monica Kaufman, with her make believe microphone which was her hair brush,  asking them questions like, "hi Dad, how was your day today?" and her father would play along, answering right into her hair brush microphone.  Her mother played along as well.  Given the chance by her mother to either read or watch the news, she often chose to watch the news because she was intrigued with the whole process of news making and reporting.

Watch Part Three to learn more about Jennifer's exercise product, how she stays fit and more about becoming an inventor of her exercise system.

While in high school Jennifer was overweight but later transformed herself helping to pay her way through college by entering beauty pageants- she went on to become Miss Georgia in 1992.  She attributes the win with her answer of a 30 second commercial presentation on the State of Georgia. The win was unexpected and she stopped at a pay phone afterwards to call her mother to let her know that she had won.  

Two weeks before graduating from college she got a job in a small TV station in Atlanta and worked her way to co-host a country western TV show.  This experience with a small station taught her everything she needed to know about Television and she went on to positions at CNN and to a long term position as morning news anchor at Bay News 9, a local station in the Tampa Bay Florida area.

A few months ago, Jennifer Holloway gave up her job as news anchor, after 11 yearsJen Holloway 3_200px.jpg on the air every morning, to explore her skills as an inventor.  Her exercise product- Workout 180, is now patented and for sale in the U.S. and she already has plans to market the product internationally as well as plans for further inventions such as a special type of hairbrush and a line of make-up.  I couldn't help but wonder if the hair brush had anything to do with the make believe microphone that she played with as a child while imitating her idol, Monica Kaufman.

Getting attention is something that Jennifer Holloway does well and when she gets people's attention, she teaches them a better life through giving. A great example of her giving is her cookbook "A Toast to Family and Friends" in which every recipe has a connection to cancer; recognizing someone special diagnosed with cancer and including a photo and a story behind the cancer patient.  100% of the proceeds from the book go directly to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. 
(Click Arrow Above to Watch Part Four)

Jen Holloway 200 close.jpgFacing obstacles head-on during her career, Jennifer demonstrated her Moxy by putting her life in danger, in the line of duty,  and attributes her divorce with her refusal to surrender her demanding career to be a full time wife.  She recalls the day that the roof seemed to lift from the TV station during a major weather-related storm and she felt for a few moments that she could lose her life that day; she remained on the air for all of the people who needed to be informed of the weather conditions and who relied on her to guide them through the storm.

About 5 years ago Jennifer's life became much easier when she made her new year's resolution to, in her words,  "drop the drama".  She decided to let go of the people in her life that stirred her in a negative way.  She says, "you can teach yourself how to be still from those that stir you".  Today her greatest mentor is her mom.

The one thing Jennifer is most proud of today is that she is setting a good example and today she is grateful to have the chance to just be herself.

On her refrigerator she keeps the quote-

Mastering others is strength - Mastering yourself is True Power 
~ Tao Te Ching

Jennifer Holloway is a true example that the good girls can finish first.  She is still very young and barely in the middle of her life's path.  I expect we will hear much more about her as she continues to do good in the world and to make her impact on those lucky enough to know her.

Watch Part Five- the final portion of the Interview.  Jennifer discusses living her dreams, her challenges and how she maintains her moxy in life.  She discusses her mentors and offers her wisdom. 



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