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Jun 2009 - Kathleen Ford

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Attorney, Public Servant, Volunteer, Advocate 

 St. Petersburg, FL USA

 "I'm running for mayor of St. Petersburg because I love this city,"
~Kathleen Ford

Solitude, Truth and Vision
By: Jean Harper

Economy, prudence, and a simple life are the sure masters of need,
and will often accomplish that which, their opposites, with a fortune at hand,
will fail to do.
   ~Clara Barton

Kathleen Ford loves St. Petersburg.  Why else would she be running for Mayor of this city for a second time;  It can't be for the money and certainly not for the perks that go with the job.  After sitting down with Kathleen for more than an hour, I am truly convinced that she means it when she says that she loves St. Petersburg.  As I sat with her and learned more about this remarkable woman I was reminded of Clara Barton, a pioneer American teacher, nurse and humanitarian.  Kathleen Ford has been described by some  as outspoken and sometimes referred to as blunt but I would prefer to describe her as strong and independent as Clara Barton has often been described. 

Kathleen Ford has been involved in important issues for most of her life and starting out with a career as a pediatric intensive care nurse may have helped her prepare for many more years of serving in the capacity of a woman willing to do the job that many just don't have the moxy to take on. 

To View the Full Three Part Video Interview Click on the Arrows Below 

Watch Video blue 3.pngIn Part One of the video interview,  Kathleen speaks of growing up in Yorktown, VA as the eldest of 6 children.  She was very active in sports, dance, music- playing the bassoon, clarinet and saxophone.  As a young girl she read the children's book series - Cherry Ames- Student Nurse by author, Helen Wells which peaked her interest to enter a career in nursing.  In these books, the character, Cherry Ames' early adventures are set during World War II. In these adventures, Cherry solves problems and captures criminals when men in authority have failed to do so, demonstrating that women can succeed in the public, working world.  It seems these books resonated with Kathleen more than just influencing her interest in nursing.  In this video you will learn more about her family and politics and why she went on to work her way through law school. 

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Watch Video blue 3.pngIn Part Two of our video series we learn more about Kathleen Ford, the woman.  While she is content to paddle her kayak in solitude, she is engaged in society and is passionate about being a leader and a public servant.  She offers more details about her style of leadership and her "tell it like it is" approach to politics.

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Watch Video blue 3.pngIn Part Three Kathleen enthusiastically discusses her plans to make St. Petersburg, Florida a safer and more prosperous city.  She speaks of  her interest in improving city regulations to help downtown businesses thrive.  She also expresses "what's next" for Kathleen Ford- beyond the possibilities    of becoming the Mayor of St. Petersburg-the city she loves.

In my summary of Kathleen Ford, I believe her to be sincere when she says she loves the City of St. Petersburg, Florida.  She is passionate  about doing her part to make her home city a prosperous, safe and desirable place to live.  If asked my opinion, I would have to say that Kathleen Ford is likely passionate about all things in her life beginning with her early career as a nurse, her position as a successful attorney and even her special time alone in her kayak- just getting centered.  I find myself hoping that when she has accomplished her goals as the next Mayor of St. Petersburg, Florida, that she will have that tree farm and that Christmas shop she speaks of.  I can almost smell the fresh scent of pine coming from that tree farm right now as I write this.

To Kathleen, I wish you the best of luck in becoming the next mayor of St. Petersburg, Florida.  You have certainly won my vote!

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