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Feb 2008 - Terez Hartmann

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Moxy or (Moxie) Women refers to women who demonstrate courage and/or bravery to go for their dreams! 

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Terez Hartmann- Writer, Composer, Musician, Performer and Speaker

 Safety Harbor, Florida

Playin' small won't serve humanity, I choose to be who I am meant to be
Like every living thing in every nation, I am a Divine Creation
~Terez Hartmann 
(from her song "A Divine Creation")

"Changing the World- One Song at a Time"
By:  Jean Harper

If the "Energizer Bunny" exists in the flesh, it could arguably be a woman by the name ofTerez with a Point.jpg Terez Hartmann.  I have never met anyone as energetic, positive, confident, clear-minded and clear-eyed as Terez Hartmann.

My introduction to Terez took place when I was invited to attend one of Terez's "Heart-Centered Business NetworkingTM meetings.  I was captivated by her message, thinking that this woman was really onto something.  I decided to learn more about her, so I started to read about her and listened to her music.  Her lyrics are so full of positive messages that I called her up and asked for an interview. 

On January 22, I arrived at our designated meeting location, which was the Safety Harbor Spa in Safety Harbor, Florida.  The Spa has a very large lobby with plenty of quiet spots to sit and talk.  When Terez arrived, as soon as I saw her coming through the doorway I noticed that she was wearing beautiful colors and a smile filled her face.  What amazed me most about her was the way she looked at me-with eyes that made me feel as if she could read my mind; they were clear, bright and penetrating.  Her confidence and enthusiasm were definitely contagious and I was immediately eager to learn more.


Terez_SignatureHeadshot_copy.jpgAs we scoured the area looking for the best spot, we found an open meeting room and being the "Moxy Women" that we both are, we marched in, sat down and started right away.  When I think back, interviewing Terez was easy, because she almost completely took over.  I found myself sitting back and listening, and I learned a lot about this woman and what she is made of.

Terez is the phonetic spelling of her given name, which is "Thérèse", (for St. Thérèse of Liseux) which Terez's mom fell in love with while touring France when she was in her twenties.   Terez was born Therese Tami Romano and in middle and high school Terez went by her middle name because no one was able to pronounce the name "Therese" properly.  After getting married she became known as Terez Hartmann, which now enables the correct pronunciation of her given name.  As an artist, she is known only as "Terez" and as a businesswoman she goes by "Terez Hartmann".  She has also been known as Terez T.R. Hartman, which is a combination of all her names. Confused?  Well then, there are even more names she is known by, such as "Sister T" and "Chick in the Band"; names given to her by her bands.  Terez describes herself as multi-dimensional, and I must say, I'd have to agree.

Terez has always been active.  She started singing and dancing as a child, and her mom remembers her singing along with the theme song of "Felix the Cat" as Terez watched the show on their tiny black and white television.   Terez grew up in Brooklyn, NY and becameTerez_mysterious_country_girl.jpg involved in musical theatre in high school, as well as being very athletic.  She later became an aerobics instructor and personal trainer.  In college she began a major in musical theatre but was redirected by her desire to help other people and the planet and changed her major to psychology.   It wasn't long before she discovered and became fascinated with business, sales and marketing.  All of this-theatre, drama, psychology and business-have molded her into what she is today; an entertainer, forward-thinking pioneer, entrepreneur and business professional.

Terez was not always as happy and fulfilled as she is today. One of the most difficult things for Terez was learning that she did not always have to "make things happen", as this can cause stress by making things harder than they really are. She finally learned to "allow things to happen", which was a life-changing lesson for her and one that she teaches others to heed.  In her words, "If you don't shut up, you can't listen."

Terez's lyrics are very thought-provoking, and I related best to the lyrics of "I Surrender":

I used to be a real control freak,
had to know every detail of how it would all work out.
But when things didn't come from where I thought they should come from,
I'd get bummed out!

Then I finally realized I'd been limiting myself and
not accepting countless gifts that came my way,
And after slammin' my head against the wall too many times I finally said "OUCH!"
There must be a better way...

Gotta gotta let go and surrender, gotta gotta cease and desist
Once I've done my part to make it happen, I trust and let it be what it is.
My higher self has the answer...


Terez_TalkingwithMy_Hands.jpgTerez left a high-paying sales job to follow a path in music, with no solid resources except for her burning desire and small weekend gigs to support her.  Fast forward several years and she is now prospering, working as a full-time musician, speaker, composer and entrepreneur, and she never looks back.

Terez attributes much of her success to her mother, a progressive "New Thought" minister,  Rev. Dr. Sylvianna Romano, who encouraged her positive attitude and passion for life while instilling in her the idea that "dreams DO come true".  Naturally drawn to exploring the great mysteries of Divinity at a very early age, with a burning desire to help others remember how powerful they are, Terez has continued to expand, study, and share these teachings throughout her life.  Terez has spent the majority of her life living "The Law of Attractiion" and owes her many years of ever-increasing professional success, her constant flow of creativity, vibrant health, and her soul-mate marriage to practicingTerez_Striking_a_pose_with_Hubby.jpg what she teaches in her music and her workshops.

Terez is living her dream, writing and sharing her original music and stories, and is changing the world with her work-one note at a time.  Terez is the Founder of "Rock My Spirit! The Power of Words, The Power of MUSIC!TM", specializing in high-energy, interactive keynotes, concerts, and events with original songs and seminars that are uplifting and inspiring, as well as Founder & CEO of "Heart-Centered Business NetworkingTM", an organization based around the "Law of Attraction", "Mastermind" and successful business networking principles.   Terez is a 2007 Tampa Bay Business Woman of the Year nominee, lead vocalist with one of Tampa Bay's top dance bands, "Synchronicity", author of the online series "Positivi-TsTM", and has appeared all over Florida at the Superbowl XXXV Coca-Cola pre-game party, Pleasure Island, Walt Disney World, Hard Rock Casino, Universal Studios, Xerox Corporation, Florida Aquarium, Carnival Cruise Lines, Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, Gasparilla/Guavaween celebrations and much more. (Photo above- Terez with her husband, John Hartmann-also a talented musician)

Take a look at some of her "Power of Music Keynote Topics":

The Power of Prosperity:  Bringin' In the Money!
The Power of Inspired Action:  Action with Authenticity
The Power of Trust:  Infinite Possibilities
The Power of Responsibility:  I Am The Creator of My Life!
The Power of Gratitude:  I Was All Wrong-I'm all right!
The Power of Presence:  Being the Destination
The Power of Positive Attitude:  Groovin' on Life!
The Power of Unity:  Evolution Revolution!

Terez also offers multi-speaker programs with other professionals.

Listen and enjoy the words of her song "Being the Destination":

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All the preparations have been made
Cast off the bowlines and sail away
We've been workin' towards this our entire lives
Let's experience how it feels to really feel alive,
To know that we're alive

Raise that sail, follow that bow
We're casting off and heading out now
Into that place where dreams come true
Hearts on fire and open to
The changing winds, shifting tides
Leading us to a star-filled night
We're feeling it and on our way
Being the destination today

There is no future and no past
Just the moment in the moment is all that lasts
We're free to feel whatever we want to feel
We decide what is truly real -
What is truly real?

Repeat Chorus

Today I experience the greatest adventure of my life
I move forward with confidence, following the stars in my sky
For I know that where I go and where I am is always, always right
Being, loving, living the destination

Repeat Chorus

Being the Destination, Being the Destination
Being, Living, loving
The Destination

As we concluded our interview I asked Terez if I could take a few photos for the article.  After posing for a couple of photos, Terez jumped up onto the piano in the hotel lobby, lay down and looked right into the lens of my camera, posing demurely.  I will never forget her high spirits and determination-exemplified by this impulsive and fun gesture. Terez Hartmann-Moxy Woman-is a true believer in her own personal power and I expect to see her "Rock My Spirit, World Tour" in the future.


Check out this sample of "The Money Song" from her keynote presentatiion, "The Power of Prosperity":

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To learn more about this Moxy Woman you can visit her websites at:


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