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Music Recipes for Women

I Am Who I Am icon 

I Am Who I Amicon

I Am Who I Amicon
(click on the link above to sample tracks on iTunes)
Playlist Notes: Music that connects with your emotional intelligence.

I am who I am
What else could I be
And I'll stand where I stand
I chose to be me
When you look in my eyes
You get what you see
Understand if you can
That I Am Who I Am who I am

Shopping List
Download Desired Songs from List Below at iTunes store

Recipe Preparation
Insert blank audio CD into computer burner and select maximum burn speed
If MP3 burner method is preferred- connect to computer via USB port
Allow CD to burn or MP3 to update with songs from shopping list- about 1 minute
Sit back and relax while CD burns or MP3 downloads (have a glass of wine if desired)
Eject disc or MP3 when done

Nutritional Information

0 Calories
0 Cholesterol
0 Preservatives

Song Name Artist
I Am Who I Am Lara Fabian
Path of Dune Tribal World
I Will Love Again Lara Fabian
Setira Riccardo Eberspacher
Hidden Away Josh Groban
Epic and Dream Arno Elias
Breathing Underwater Marie Digby
Real Love (feat. Natasja Saad) Van Daler & Low Pressure
Aisa Naam Sat Purkh
By the Moon Anggun

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