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Latest Music Review- Jayne Kelli


Album: Wake

To purchase her album go to: CDBaby

Catch Jayne Kelli performing at this year's
Moxy Miracle Concert 
Friday, August 24th at the Tonne Playhouse at the Largo Cultural Center.

Reviewed by: Jean Harper

Jayne Kelli may best be described by the title of one of her songs, “Sweetness.”  By definition sweetness is pleasing to any of the senses; kind, thoughtful, charming and endearing.  In my short introduction to this brilliant songstress, she is not only “Sweetness” but also blessed with a talent and a richness of voice that penetrates to the soul.

On her most recent album, Wake, Jayne asserts herself with an exquisite voice that holds a grounded, organic sound. She folds her songs together with an earthy, no-nonsense style of guitar-playing for a finished product that is perfect for the listener. Her lyrics interspersing with metaphors of love, lavishing emotion, sentimentality, and the intimacy of a lover's whispered confessions.

In her song, "On My Own” her voice emanates a warm glow that draws the listener in, like settling into a warm bed on a cold winter night. When I first listened to this song, drops of uncontrollable water trickled down my face. The feelings that she evokes in this song are unavoidable for anyone that is evolving. The song gets you up close and personal with Jayne and her haunting contours, musical poetry and expression of emotions that touch the core.

Here below I have provided some of my favorite lyrics from her musical poetry in "On My Own”:

“I can read my books
figure life out
crumble the map
and take a new route

I can open my eyes
let my hair down
face my fears
and dream out loud

and Love is a thing
you never can own
what you release
are the seeds that you sow

I’m going to take what I’m given
share with the world
jump from myself
with the faith of a bird

I'm going to live with a purpose
move with the light
pour out my heart
in the dead of the night"

Click Here to View Video of this song!


When I recently watched her perform, I was struck and amazed St. Petersburg was so fortunate to host such a talented young woman. All of the songs on this album were written by Jayne and mostly recorded at Hideaway Studios with producer, John Kelly.

The album begins by calling you aboard to begin the journey with the song “Roaming” her pensive acoustic guitar evokes immediate tranquility. Can any single album sum up the adventure of living, with all its starts and stops and pains and pleasures? Well, yes, and when Jayne conveys “Wake” I was left “Awake.” Her voice runs over each of the words lovingly, inflecting each syllable with personal meaning wholly appropriate for conjuring up images of one’s own life.

I would like to close by mentioning my favorite song on her album, but fortunately, I am unable to single out one song!  The twelve songs on this album are all indelible favorites. 

The next time you want to settle in and read a good book, read some poetry, or just spend some time with yourself to reflect, consider listening to this incredible CD, Wake by songstress, Jayne Kelli .You will savor this virtuoso and most definitely want to hear more.


More about Jayne Kelli

Michigan born singer/songwriter Jayne Kelli released her album, Wake, in 2011, unveiling a personal collection of transformation and romantic strife. This rising songwriting powerhouse has haunting and powerful vocals to match, delivering emotive performances that are quickly gaining attention. Kelli has been based in the Tampa Bay area for the last few years mixed with tours up to the mid-west, Italy, and England. She was selected as one of the 2011 favorites on the WMNF Florida folk show by host Pete Gallagher. Though some of her music, as reviewed by El Paso music critic, Doug Pullen, has been described as "very organic, soulful folk-rock with prosaic lyrics", Kelli bends genres into the alternative dark-pop zone in some of her new material. A new album is in its infancy stage, but Wake is still going for the hard push in 2012.


Preview Wake in the video below:


To purchase her album go to: CDBaby

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