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What is a Moxy moment?  A Moxy Moment is a self-defining moment.  That moment when you say "Yes" to whatever you want to do or accomplish and just do it.  The Moxy Women profiled on this website have each found many "Moxy Moments" in their lives and discovered their courage and bravery to move forward into unknown horizons.  In the 2009 Moxy Conference several of the women were interviewed behind the scenes and will be sharing their individual Moxy Moments with you in this series.  Watch, Listen and be Moxy!


Moxy Moments from the Moxy Conference 2009!

Moxy Women
Written by Dominique De Laet, 10/04/09

What have we brought our own life to if we don’t acknowledge the voices of powerful women, who as a unity call themselves the “Moxy Women”. Their desire for enlightenment through the written word but also through the amazing clarity of a drum within a drum within a silence, where all the voices are held to be reignited over and over again, is bringing forth a reality motioned by a planetary evolutionary spiral. 

These women of the Earth, these daughters of the Sky and these girls of the Ultimate possibilities of a new Reality, resign in all of us as a unit. As we all convene to a thundering collision of our own inner wisdom we leave the many worlds behind in which we were chained, oppressed and also silenced as a way to make us be more reliable and trustworthy. Who are we calling for our freedom and the amazing depth of a more meaningful yet transcendental life? We are the ones who decide where this new birthed energy will be directed to, opening up a trail of the ultimate and beatific sense of realizing our full potential within the spiral of revolutionary progress. As we move forward into the intricate and yet oh so clear disposition of our own strength, dedication and courage we are all aligned to what is the most sacred within ourselves. We can deduce and bring about a new scenery that will not only be colored by a new Being but also transformed by our delicate words, grandiose bodies and our piercing wisdom.

What in us pulls us up to reach for the “Moxy Women” resonance? What is that vibration that we all are so fond of and are finding in our steps towards a world that breaches many borders. This subtle current of electricity translates itself into the writing of a renewed Declaration of Independence. What will you write down? How will you intertwine your mission within the world we live in now? Where is the fire within you that is becoming aware of its own warmth, depth and delicate yet profound fragrance?  As we allow ourselves to perceive our own being and potential clearly we will keep on inviting the sounds of the “Moxy Women” whose echoes are here to stay.

Video Below- Honoring the featured Moxy Women from 2007-2009

Interview Video- Comedienne and Special Guest-  "Big Lou"

 Interview Video Below- Christine Stevens

Interview Video Below- Terez Hartmann

Interview Video Below- Claire Chidley

Interview Video Below- Tanya LaReese

Interview Video Below- Temple Hayes Part One

Interview Video Below- Temple Hayes Part Two

Interview Video Below- Faith Rivera

We had some serious fun too.........look what Cadillac talked us into in video below!

More Moxy Moments- Below are samples of just a few of the emails received after the event: 

  • "I don't even know where to begin to tell you how blessed I feel to have walked with you all on this part of our journey - from Jean's vision & conception of the Moxy event... to working with you all at rehearsals.... and ending Saturday with a most memorable day.  I was inspired by each speaker - every one had a message just for me, and just when I thought I couldn't cry anymore, I  would cry again at the next thought, note of music, beat of a drum..... I laughed, I cried, I was challenged, I was inspired. Thank you Jean, for sharing your sister with us, your vision of empowerment, your grace and quiet strength, and most of all - your love."  Blessings always, Au-Drey
  • "The event you produced was one of true heart, infinite compassion and passion, served so many people on so many levels, and will influence lives for a long while. What took place is the foundation of a movement and connection of linking that is far bigger than any of us can yet see.... I do hope that you know and experienced how deeply you are loved and respected by many, many people. The excitement and thrill of everyone on that stage, to be there, and be part of this opening was heavy in the air all day long. Having experienced this in person in this venue was moving, powerful, exhilirating and inspiring. It was an honor and pleasure to be part of it in my own small way." With gratitude, Connor S.
  • "It was my honor to support you and be a part of such an incredible event.  We have created a shift in the universe by our presence and participation in the event.  Numbers will grow as we spread the energy and is the promise we all live by. All your efforts will be rewarded Jean, no love and service goes without its rewards of abundance and joy! " Zeynep T.
  • "I just wanted to write and say thank you again, what a wonderful experience yesterday was for all of us. I was so blessed to be surrounded by so many Moxy women and to play and sing on the Mahaffey stage! I felt such a community of strong women, and the drumming together at the end was so powerful. We don’t often get to celebrate ourselves like that...to be strong women and nothing more...so many beautiful people were there it was phenomenal! I just offer my heartfelt love and thanks and gratitude for the experience, thank you so much for including me! I’ve always been Moxy and didn’t even know it :) What a ride!"  Love and Blessings,  Ami B
  • "I hope this in the beginning of an annual conference! As we change the world, one city, one country at a time --- the INTERATIONAL MOXY MOVEMENT!  You all did a fabulous job!!!!!  So nice to be associated with such high class, authentic, spiritual ladies! I am so blessed to also have gotten to know many of you in a deeper way --- and made some new forever friends!"  Namaste,  Nancy D
  • "It is a pleasure and and honor to have you this close in the comunity. The concert was great, mixed well and diverse. I planned on attending the conference but work interfered, but when I asked people they raved.  I was able to step in on the last 5 minutes of the drumming and it was intense. Sorry I missed out. The venders were very good. The Sonia Plotnick Health Fund met some wonderful women to help with us also. For that is what it is all about women help women. Looking forward to next year. Thank you again for putting this event on."  Lisa C
  • "Jean, just wanted to drop you a little note and say..........thank you for ALL you've done for the enlightnenment of womenkind.......I know you changed one womans life yesterday for sure, my friend Melanie, isn't that all worth it !!!  You laid a great foundation to expand upon.......pat yourself on the back it was a success !!!!!!!!"  Peace and love..........lor
  • "Congratuations for such  a successful event! and Thank you for creating the opportunity for this great experience...I came away better for having participated."  Laura R
  • "Thank you so much for inviting my husband, Akil and I for this amazing concert. We had a wonderful time. The concert was very inspiring and entertaining. Thank you so much..."  Regards,Yasmin P
  • "What a wonderful experience we have had with all of you!  Let’s get a viral “thing” going to tell people how great the conference was and inspire them to come next year."  Thanks, Ginger W
  • "Thank you so much for allowing me to participate as a volunteer for Moxy Women it was an honor!  This was by far one of the most powerful and dynamic networking events I have attended. It is amazing what a group of focused women can accomplish!  Jean, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt you are on the right path.  This weekend I saw a diverse and dynamic group of women working together to create something positive and beautiful.  If there was anything "ego driven", I did not see it. I was so impressed with how well everyone worked together.  There truly was a higher force at work.  So.... what's the next project going to be?  Melanie P
  • "You are the most amazing woman I have met. I was proud to be a part of your vision. Right now, you will be winding down and basking in the knowledge you created something truly outstanding. I expect you will also be quite tired."  Claire C
  • "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I owe you the world! I am so honored to have you in my life and thank you for sharing..." Juliana V
  • "You are brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous and shining your Light - lifting women out of fear and into the courage to be who we really are.  I hope you are  really seeing yourself as the original Moxie Mama."  Love, Kendra O
  • "The conference was a wonderful experience of sharing, giving, and networking among a cohesive group of caring and beautiful-spirited women. I can't wait for next year's event!  What a great way to continue to expand new friendships and business alliances! Thank you for allowing me the opportunity of play a small part of this important global vibration for women.  Karen T
  • "I’m sure you’ve heard this from everyone already, but I had to tell you what a fantastic job I think you did putting together the Women Taking Care of the World event.  It was amazing!  What a terrific tribute to your sister.  Kristin G.
  • "Thanks for all your hard work.  The line-up of speakers was truly impressive. (When you decide to do this again, I would be honored to be included as a speaker.)  The venders were wonderful on Saturday.  It was a huge array of really great folks with lots of nice things to sell and promote for and about women.  The concert was great as well!  I hope the day met all your expectations and we were delighted to be included!  You are indeed a Moxy Woman!"  Linda O.
  • "I just wanted to personally tell you what an amazing show you put on.  Words can not express how beautiful and wonderful it was.  I am very happy that I got to attend."  Heather P
  • "It was a fantastic day!  You pulled off a tremendously talented event of such diverse powerful women. Jean, please know that your spirit shines through you and everyone who came left feeling like they had really been touched by something meaningful beyond themselves."  Love, Jan R

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