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New Beginnings
By:  Dominque De Laet

The harmonizing energies that are in the overall design of what we call the universe are encouraging us to be here daily. As I am in the transition of a life that is yet not well defined I am delighted about the unannounced changes being manifested in my Life. I see it, I taste it, I experience it fearlessly and I am being anchored into something much bigger my heart can feel but my eyes are too shy to look upon. While calling myself to be a Moxy Woman who is dancing within the reality that she has created through Dedication, Trust and Love I am present in the groundlessness and Authenticity that such a Life calls for. I am the One saying yes to this call by being in remembrance of the Life force within me. The intensity of that direct pull magnetically strengthening my body and powerfully enticing my mind to stretch and reach out, is being deeply felt within my own Sacredness. Moxy Women who change the world by their Full Presence and Penetrating Brightness are being mirrored to me as I find my way into a Reality that is textured by a Clear Image tuning my heart to the heartbeat of the World. The Image mirroring a Face that is transformative in quality exponentially increases my ability to take charge of the Life I love. We all have this Quality in ourselves as the small Russian doll never reveals herself unless we open up the first one with a sense of curiosity and delight of wanting to Know and See.     


Love transcends boundaries

because it goes through the heart.

It gives us warmth

and kindles our environment.

We do not adhere to the laws of Love

when our I is inferior.

It can grow by awakening to

the universal laws

that surround us and that are omni-present




Time is made for us

to think about the non time.

What lies behind those added seconds?

Is it telling us to slow down

or to move forward?

Has it ended before we started it

or does it start before we end?

What is the meaning of time besides

getting us in a center of the All.


Author Bio:   
Counselor, poet, activist and coach Dominique De Laet resides in Florida. She has lived in Europe as a young scholastic and a fervent tennis and golf player. Her first encounter with holistic healing and energetic disciplines plunged her into a journey of discovery and transformation awakening a passion for increasing people’s quality of life. Her many travels have brought her a richness of mind and a sense of freedom that she cherishes as she upholds an interconnected Humanity in her heart, mind and actions. She is currently working on a book that will be published in 2010.


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