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Ask Jill About Life


Ask Jill About Life
By:  Psychic & Spiritual Advisor Jill Cook-Richards

Author of the upcoming book:

In the age of techno so much in this world is changing. Some changes may appear to be bad, like the laying off of policemen, who protect us from crime, because it will save money or asking us to fill out our police reports on-line. Your money in all of your bank accounts will soon be linked together from all over the world. Privacy is out, so you better not have too many secrets. Some of the good changes are that we can talk to people all over the world and even get to see them through the ability of Skype and the internet. I just did a reading with a client who lives in China and another new client in Scotland. It is amazing our outreach capabilities today! Also in this incredible technical age we are now texting using our fingertips and can do so at any given minute. Just today I received a picture on my cell phone from one of my beautiful daughters while she is out of town. The question is how far are you reaching out? Reaching out through technology is one way, but what about reaching out and opening up emotionally, spiritually and mentally. It is time for all of us to reach out past our comfort zones to help and participate in this fast paced and ever changing world. There is no more keeping up with the Jones’s so to speak, it is keeping up with the times, out with the old and in with the new. People get afraid of change, but change is the reason why we work. Change is how we make a difference.

What changes are you working on? In what way do you want to make a difference in this world? The time is now. It is your life, how do you want to live it?
From love with Jill

Dear Jill,
We have two homes and we homestead our home in Florida because the other state doesn’t have that option. We go back and forth a lot, but my husband works in the other state. We would like to retire in Florida someday. I would like to know if we are okay spiritually, without any bad karma from our choice just to save some money?

Xxx . . .12/3/69


Dear X,

Interesting question that you asked! Just the fact that you ask that question tells me that you feel that you aren’t following the law to the letter. I am not qualified to answer that, but I can tell you that in the information age that I wouldn’t worry about saving some money this way, I would focus on being peaceful, which will always bring you money, energy, health and happiness. You can take that to the bank!

With love from Jill


Dear Jill,
I co-signed a house for my daughter in 2005. She just recently got married and thought she had her house sold but it fell through due to financing. Meanwhile my daughter and her new husband built another home together and closed on it. Now her credit and my credit is in the pot. They did get their new house, but neither of us can afford to pay for the other one. What do you suggest?

D. . . 2/24/82


Dear D,

It was your agreement to sign to help your daughter get the house. It was not your agreement to make payments on the house. Am I right? I am sorry that your credit will definitely be affected by the choice that you and your daughter made. You need to see an attorney to be advised on your next financial decision eith regard to this financial dilemma. This is what I call "joint karma", you both made the decision together and you both will have to pay the consequences. Hey, it is only money! You both have your homesteads so, for that, be truly thankful!

With love from Jill


Dear Jill,

I booked a cruise last December and now I have been laid off from my job, right before the cruise is to take place. I feel guilty going on the cruise, spending more money and coming home to no job. Can you tell me anything that would help me enjoy the rest of my summer?

T. . .5/27/70


Dear T,
Yes, I can. They could have laid you off after your cruise and you may have spent more money than you will now. So just relax, enjoy the escape and go in peace knowing that everything happens in divine timing and for a reason. I have the pleasure of telling you that you will have a new job in September so please enjoy your little time off. Bon voyage!

With love from Jill 


Author Bio:
Jill has taken her innate psychic abilities and has developed them along with her intuition which she says we all have. Jill attributes her spirit gifts to her mother and grandmother:

• Gifts of Prophecy
• Gifts of Wisdom
• Gifts of Interpretation
• Gifts of Discernment

If you wish to speak with Jill,she may be reached at 904.396.4060 or Email Her at jillcookrichards@yahoo.com to ask a question.
Visit her website for more details at:  http://www.jillcookrichards.com/

It’s your life, how do you want to live it?

With joy from Jill 

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