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Sacred Economics traces the history of money from ancient gift economies to modern capitalism, revealing how the money system has contributed to alienation, competition, and scarcity, destroyed community, and necessitated endless growth. Today, these trends have reached their extreme—but in the wake of their collapse, we may find great opportunity to transition to a more connected, ecological, and sustainable way of being.

This book is about how the money system will have to change—and is already changing—to embody this transition. A broadly integrated synthesis of theory, policy, and practice, Sacred Economics explores avant-garde concepts of the New Economics, including negative-interest currencies, local currencies, resource-based economics, gift economies, and the restoration of the commons. Author Charles Eisenstein also considers the personal dimensions of this transition, speaking to those concerned with “right livelihood” and how to live according to their ideals in a world seemingly ruled by money. Tapping into a rich lineage of conventional and unconventional economic thought, Sacred Economics presents a vision that is original yet commonsense, radical yet gentle, and increasingly relevant as the crises of our civilization deepen.




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About Michelle Phillips

Michelle's passion is working to empower people to rise above their challenges and live their dreams. Her work with nonprofit groups inspired her to create segments for Studio 10 called, “Courage & Grace©”. These vignettes featured a series of heartrending stories that delved into the amazing lives of the true heroes in our world, the women and men who have overcome seemingly insurmountable odds and gone on to help others. It was these stories and her work with nonprofit agencies that inspires Michelle to share her experiences, and those of others, to create a foundation of strength and support for anyone who hears them.

View her Moxy Woman Story Click Here.

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Reviews- The Beauty Blueprint

“Celebrity makeup artist & stylist Michelle Phillips is one of the few beauty professionals that understands inner beauty isn’t just for amateurs. Michelle’s new book, The Beauty Blueprint, is a totally new type of beauty book that seeks to expand on the idea that the foundation of beauty is your mental makeup.

The Beauty Blueprint is a smart and sassy guide to a do it yourself total head to toe makeover.  With tons of evidence based exercises and reproducibles, Michelle helps you to explore how who you are on the inside reflects on the outside, and how you can come to a harmonious state of true happiness….like Audrey Hepburn famously said, happy girls are the prettiest girls.”  
April "Elle" Ricchuito

"Michelle Phillips is the genuine article- living proof that true beauty always starts within, and can then be celebrated on the outside using the fine arts of hair, makeup, and styling choices. This book rocks!"

Dr. Christiane Northrup, M.D., and author of NY Times Bestsellers Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and The Wisdom of Menopause

"Such authenticity in the world of makeup and beauty is hard to find. Michelle's deep understanding of the connection between our inner-selves and our outer-beauty comes from her real-world experiences and struggles: from great success, to food stamps, and back again. She brings a set of experiences that are unmatched in helping women to achieve all that they want. First she inspires, and then, more importantly, provides the tool-kit to making your life become what you want it to be."

Michelle Caruso-Cabrera TV Anchor and Reporter for CNBC "Power Lunch"

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By:  Sandra Ford Walston
Reviewed by: Jean Harper

We all get stuck at one time or another but how long do we remain stuck? It seems many people think they are "stuck" in jobs where they are unhappy, unfulfilled or powerless. Today, I see that more than ever. I would like to recommend Sandra Walston's book to anyone that is on that "merry go round" she calls "Stuck"... After reading this book I am confident that you will get off the "merry go round" and start living a happy and prosperous life at work and in general. As she puts it so well in her book- "if you want to change your life, you have to change your stories and remove the obstacles that prevent you from transcending the false self-story."

This book is a step by step guide to living a life of leadership and courage. Kudos to Ms. Walston- your book is just what the world needs right now! 

 Learn More and Buy the Book at: SandraWalston.com


Reviewed by:  Jean Harper

~ I’ve found the most incredible book to take you within, crawling deep into your psyche to a resting place that is rich with the author's personal wisdom. 

The book reveals that we are all born with a gift to give in life, one which informs all of our desires, interests, passions and curiosities.  this gift is, in fact, our Soul Purpose.  Yet, that Purpose is not task, or career oriented.  It's actually much bigger than that, for it is born in our soul.

Everyone wants to have a fulfilling life. Unfortunately, many people miss a key ingredient to have it: finding their life purpose. They may spend years of their life only to find at the end that they have done the wrong things. Many others achieve fame and financial success but feel empty inside.

This book convinces that before we were born, we made a promise as to whom and what we would become on earth. Life’s occurrences reveal the soul’s purpose, which can only be discovered through telling your truth and recognizing when you are out of step with your real purpose.

The Promise by Therese Tappouni is a step by step guide for revealing the purpose of our soul. 

In addition to this fabulous book there is a powerful companion CD of guided meditations. I was particularly influenced by her guidance and visualization practice of honoring our female ancestors. I had experienced strong, yet mysterious, feelings of connection when I visited Ireland a few years ago and another similar sensation during a visit to Plymouth, MA. 


On the day of my visit to Plymouth Rock I heard beautiful music playing that actually brought tears to my eyes as I stood looking out at the sea. The music that was playing was that of Michael Hoppe, an amazing new age style artist. When I learned that the background music from Therese's meditation CD was by Michael Hoppe, I was sure that I was meant to read this book. I was so moved that I researched my own ancestry and discovered my suspected, Irish heritage and I have only just begun to learn more about my female ancestry.

This book has changed my life and I am thankful to Therese for her insight. The Promise is a gift and if you are ready to discover your soul's purpose there is no better way to begin than with this powerful book.


Further insights on Therese's Books:

 "Thank you for your luminous books. They are as inspiring as they are evocative of who we really are and what we may really be."
Dr. Jean Houston, scholar, philosopher, researcher; one of the primary founders of the Human Potential Movement.

"A sacred assurance for those with the courage to live the true feminine...The Promise is an essential encounter for your path now."  Phyllis Kirk, J.D., futurist writer and teacher

You can purchase The Promise and the companion CD at the Isis Institute website:  http://www.isisinstitute.org/books-promise.htm 


More About Therese Tappouni:

Therese leads workshops for women based on Walking Your Walk and The Promise, and also co-conducts workshops for couples and singles focusing on relationship as well as writing workshops solo and with her partner. She teaches the importance of the Sacred Feminine, and ways in which women can focus on spiritual growth in work and relationship while nurturing the feminine and researching the history of women. She also presents workshops for professional women on recovering the passion that led them into their work or relationships, and discovering the energy of life passages such as menopause while acting from the heart.

She has served on many boards and committees, including The YMCA Writer’s Voice, The School Community Council of Teacher Corps, the local chapter of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and The Chopra Foundation. She is a member of the International Women’s Writer’s Guild and the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.


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Reviewed By: Jean Harper

By accident or manifestation, not sure which, I came across Sandra Ford Walston and her message of "Courage".  Just fitting for Moxy Women since courage is a synonym for our adopted word- Moxy.  I became intrigued by Sandra, her passion and her message and soon after ordered her book.  I am proud that she accepted my invitation to write a column on the Moxy website on my favorite topic as well as Sandra's- Courage and Moxy.

I started reading her book and could not put it down and get some much needed rest.  I make it a practice to fall asleep while listening to positive messages from my sleep meditations coming from my adored iPod-- fortunately, on this night I fell asleep with her message of the courageous spirit inherent in every woman's "heart center".  In her book COURAGE, Sandra explores where the ancient female virtue fits in our world today, and reveals why recognizing ourselves as courageous women is vital to knowing who we are and living life to our fullest potential.

This book is a must for all Moxy Women and it is my hope to bring Sandra here for the next International Moxy Women Conference! But don't take my word for it view some of the  endorsements and make up your own mind:

Harriet Rubin, author of The Princessa: Machiavelli For Women:

Churchill said that “courage is the first of human qualities because it the quality which guarantees all others.” Walston has given women a book which guarantees them that intrinsic quality. Read it and it will help you do the most  exciting thing of all: that which you are afraid to do.

Mary LoVerde, author of Stop Screaming at the Microwave:

The courageous woman is a powerful woman. Sandra Walston has enthusiastically and cleverly outlined a plan to help us find our strength to make a difference.

Marianne Williamson, spiritual leader and author of A Woman’s Worth, A Return to Love, Enchanted Love, and others:

Sandra Ford Walston speaks to the heart of the matter  when she points to courage as the linchpin of women’s true liberation.  She illumines the path for us all.

Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations with God, and many more:

Courage is one of the greatest gifts from God. It is a gift that changes people’s lives and uplifts the experience of the entire planet. In this extraordinary book by Sandra Ford Walston, clarity and wisdom are mixed with deep insight to produce a document of stunning value. I hope women—and men—everywhere read it.

Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul and Chicken Soup for the Unsinkable Soul, and many more:

To read Sandra Ford Walston’s book is to celebrate the brilliance of contemporary women whose lives were transformed by embracing the virtue of courage. Her profound research indicates that every woman has been endowed with this virtue and shows us how to evoke it and manifest it more fully in our own lives.

Alexandra Stoddard, leading expert on beauty and design and author of Living a Beautiful Life, Living Beautifully Together, Making Choices: Discover the Joy In Living the Life You Want to Lead, The Decoration of Houses, and others:

Sandra Ford Walston has written a significant book focused on  “courage—the heart and spirit of every woman”—teaching us to enhance ourselves by discovering our courage within and thus transforming our lives. Courage is the key.

Sandra Ford Walston touches the heart and spirit of every woman by calling us to remembrance of the virtue of courage, which abides within us all. She offers a rich array of methods for awakening and strengthening this inner power source, and gives us the courage to aim for our highest destiny.

Author Bio

Sandra Ford Walston, The Courage Expert and innovator of StuckThinking™ is an organizational effectiveness consultant, speaker, corporate trainer and courage coach, specializing in understanding courage-centered leadership, women’s courage leadership issues, courage behaviors and individual personalities that focus on the human condition. Sandra is the internationally published author of bestseller COURAGE.

Sandra provides skill-based programs for public and private businesses, including Caterpillar, Inc., Auburn University, Procter & Gamble, Wyoming Department of Health Public Nurses, Farmers Insurance, Notle Engineers, Wide Open West and Hitachi Consulting. Ms. Walston is qualified to administer and interpret the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and is certified as an Enneagram teacher, and she enjoys applying insights from both systems to her work. Currently she is a candidate for an Honorary Doctorate Degree.  

Click Here for Details on her Book.




Reviewed By: Jean Harper

Cheri has been creating, supporting and facilitating unique, and transformational experiences for people around the world for the past 12 years, bringing  the spirit of community building thru music wherever she goes.  As a professional musician and percussionist, she uses drumming and music making as tools for community building, self-empowerment and mindfulness.  Cheri has worked all over the world in ceremonies ranging from weddings in India to Activation Maya in Tikal, to Dolphin work in Costa Rica.

Muse Power is Cheri's first book!  The book is an exploration about the power of music making to help everyday people deal with depression thru the joys of music making!  Muse Power offers a reminder for us on an ancient and eternal sharing that re-connects us both as individuals to ourselves and as community members to each other.

In the book, Cheri offers a connection between the ancient technology of the drum cultures and the future of all inclusive music making and gives you direct, step by step guidance towards finding the music inside of you and with others. This book is for anyone who loves making music of any kind, drummers, guitar players, singers, dancers, you name it.

Reader Reviews and Endorsements:

Shanti offers insight into how to overcome our fears and "I can't do it" programming around the sacred and magical play of music-making so that we can bring it into our lives as a daily practice. No matter your experience level, "Muse Power" is likely to touch something in you and entice you to play, dance, sing and share.  Conscious Dancer, Volume 8, Fall Issue page 38

Inspiring Woman Shines with Her New Book- 5 Stars
"Cheri's new book shares her deep trust in the value of rhythm and community music making as a healing tool for all of us. Entitled "Muse Power- How Recreational Music Making Heals us from Depression and Other Symptoms of Modern Culture", her book presents the facts, supported by many stories from her own experience, to help us understand what she has always seemed to grasp. I share many of the same experiences, of how drumming and music making has helped me come alive from within after a time of deep sadness when my wife passed. And drumming has helped me find my own individual voice, rather than paying so much attention to what other people think or how other people see me. I would love to see a time when we all practiced music making as a beautiful part of daily life, connecting with other people without words that get in the way. Hooray Cheri for being a pioneer, even when your family and friends might not see the value of what you are doing..... yet."  Robert Hensley- Musician/Entrepreneur

The Pulse of Life

The Drum is the pulse of Life, with the Mother Earth, the human form, and many believe into the great beyond thru the cosmos. It is considered an essential part of ceremony in most cultures around the world, anchoring and maintaining the chord of connectivity between the shaman, the dancers, singers, and the physical world as they journey deep into altered states of consciousness. The drum holds the heartbeat, literally the life chord that allows the journeyer(s) to return safe and protected to their physical bodies. - From CheriShanti.com


More About Cheri Shanti- A Musician with A Message:  

Cheri has been performing for 12 years, as a percussionist, singer, songwriter and dancer.   She has 3 Solo CD's out and recently released a 4th in 2009 with her band "Turiya" as The Muse of Turiya.  Her style is 100% original, and her passion for sharing the music and inspiring others is evident in every interaction, whether on stage or facilitating groups.  

In addition to her musical performance work, Cheri is a teacher, a writer, and a powerful community focalizer and works to build community thru music making at the grass roots level wherever she is!  She travels the world teaching and playing music for retreats and ceremonies and brings a magical quality to the groups she works with by empowering the individuals therein to find their own creative voices.

Cheri is now working with the hot Latin sounds of Onda and studying Brazilian percussion! She has also built a musicians retreat community in Uvita, Costa Rica called Selva Armonia. Info at:  http://www.selvaarmonia.info 

You can buy Cheri's CD's and book at: http://www.cherishanti.com and Read clips of the book at PublicBookshelf.com

Self Reflection

Vibrations within
Cells dance beneath this skin
Myriads of orgasmic pulses create me
I am Life, moving in Harmony
I am Unity.

Spirals of perfect light
Cascading within my inner sight
I am Rhythm
I am the Cosmic Pulse in form
Dum Dum my hands strike skin
Dum Dum I feel my heart beat again
I am on the inside
I am on the outside
I am ever flowing
On this Rhythm Ride
I am a symphony
Singing sweet orchestral songs
Thru the pulsing veins
Carrying the blood along.

Dum Dum Ta Ki Ta Dum Dum Ta
I am vast like space
I am Shakti Ma
Creation waits for me
In cosmotic soup of bliss
In the stillness
Still I know all of this.

Vibrations within
Cells dance beneath this skin
Myriads of orgasmic pulses create me
I am Life, moving in Harmony.

~Cheri Shanti


Excerpts from her Book

Muse Power



By: Nancy D. O'Reilly, Psy.D
Reviewed By: Jean Harper

The media bombards women with images geared toward youthful beauty from the latest skincare and makeup products to clothes, shoes and accessories modeled by young, lithe figures.  These unrealistic images make some feel inferior, invisible, fearful, and ignored – while other women remain empowered, fearless, assertive, and determined to live life to the fullest.  What separates one group of women from the other?

Timeless Women Speak of Feeling Youthful at Any Age contains secrets to feeling better regardless of age.  Based on years of research with women from nearly every age group, the results and associated stories help women to address the challenges and concerns they face and become more courageous.

Feel more fearless and empowered.
Learn about amazing women with inspiring stories.
Read, listen, and grow.

“After 12 years of research,  what amazes me most is how feisty, resilient, resourceful and helpful we women are.  Kudos to all of us Timeless Women who don’t let age or circumstances define who we are or who we want to become!

We rise above every challenge and use our resources and connections to help ourselves, our families, our businesses and our communities. Our mission is to link together women of all ages with ideas, information and support, so please invite your mothers, daughters, and friends to join us.” ~Dr. Nancy D. O’Reilly, Clinical Psychologist, Psy.D

Timeless Women Speak: Feeling Youthful at Any Age grew out of ground-breaking research conducted by Nancy D. O'Reilly, Psy.D., with over 1,200 women.The surprising results showed that millions of women of every age group…20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s,80s, and beyond…have some type of fear of growing older. Although this book appeals to women of all ages,its core market is women in their 40s, 50s and 60swho are experiencing age-related anxieties. They will buy this book because it shows women that their feelings are normal and explains by example how they can find the confidence to make positive changes in their lives.

Here are a few facts that Dr. Nancy discovered about women in each decade of life:

Twenties Women are fearfully young and glowing.
Twenties Women Want Others to Know

  • I am intelligent and I have much to offer.
  • Take me seriously and teach me what you want me to know.
  • I am passionate about my life and what I can offer the world.
  • I am afraid I will not be able to live that the life I want.
  • I worry I will not find a mate, have children, and be happy.
  • I get confused about want I want and what others seem to want for me.
  • I am eager to find my path and I need mentors to guide me.
  • I want friends and people I can trust and with whom I can be myself.
  • I don't understand how to handle women who compete in negative ways.
  • I have so many dreams and want them all to come true.
  • I get overwhelmed with all my new responsibilities and just want to be a "kid" again.

Thirties Women are doing a great balancing act.
Thirties Women Want Others to Know

  • How important my career is to me.
  • It is hard for me to sacrifice my career and friends for my family's needs.
  • I feel tired all the time.
  • I feel confused about the changes in my body.
  • It is hard for me to depend on a man.
  • I worry about failing my family, my work, and my community.
  • I don't want people to find out that I am not as caring as I should be.
  • I am scared that I'll make poor decisions about my family's well-being.
  • I worry that I will be found out as a fake who is plagued by constant doubts.
  • I feel guilty that sometimes I want to run away and leave it all behind.

Forties Women say "Stop the clock, I want to get off!"
Forties Women Want Others to Know

  • I am worried that my time to be who I really want to be is running out.
  • I am often torn between what I want and what others want from me.
  • I want to have passion and purpose in my life but I'm too overloaded to figure out what that might be.
  • I feel guilty when I yearn to say, "I want time just for me."
  • I want my partner to see me as an exciting and passionate woman and still be attracted to me.
  • I worry more about my looks when I see the physical changes in my face and body.
  • I find my emotions get the best of me and leave me confused and eager to just relax.
  • I worry about not having enough energy to do all the things I have to do.
  • My drive and motivations are changing and I want to be first and not in second or last place.

Fifties Women are finding philosophy, asking "Me, God, or what?" Fifties Women Want Others to Know

  • I am still a vibrant, sexual, interesting person with much to offer.
  • I'm confused. How I look outside and how I feel inside no longer match.
  • I want people in my life who are real and that I can trust.
  • I get tired trying to please everyone. I want to stop worrying about their feelings and focus on my own.
  • I am determined to have my words heard and respected.
  • I feel like I am disappearing when I am disregarded and dismissed.
  • I am concerned that people will think I'm getting too old to do my job and pass over me.
  • I sometimes want to run away from all my responsibilities and people who want things from me.
  • I want to continue to dream and travel, have fun, and fall in love again.

Sixties Women say "Finally, me first."
Sixties Women Want Others to Know

  • I want time for me--you need to wait.
  • I want to have lots of passion and purpose in my life.
  • I want to relax instead of and worrying about what you think and what you want.
  • I dream of things I have not done yet; I do not want to have any regrets.
  • I am afraid my body will let me down and I will not be able to care for myself.
  • I am afraid I will not have enough money to live if I do not work for the rest of my life.
  • I get tired and want to slow down and just be by myself.
  • I am still sexy and even if I have a few sags, I can still be romantic and fun and exciting.
  • I want to be respected and appreciated for who I am and what I do.
  • I want to be heard and never feel dismissed.


Author Bio:

Nancy D. O'Reilly, Psy.D. is a clinical psychologist who has counseled women for more than 25 years. Her research has been published in the American Journal of Health Behavior and presented at a national American Psychological
Association Conference
. The website, www.womenspeak.com,
offers a wealth of A-to-Z resources designated as the WomenSpeak Project.

You can read the Moxy Woman story of Dr. Nancy O'Reilly by clicking

Margaret Castrey is co-author and editor of Timeless Women Speak: Feeling Youthful at Any Age and also co-authored Dr. Nancy’s published journal article and research presentation. As a 30-year veteran with regional, national and international awards for healthcare public relations, journalism, marketing and education, Castrey continues to work closely with Dr. Nancy on all of the WomenSpeak Projects.

You can order the book here.

For More Details on the book and Dr. Nancy's work please visit her website at:  www.womenspeak.com


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