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Moxy Woman Artist Review - Taylor Ikin

Taylor Ikin.jpg

"The whole world, as we experience it visually, comes to us through the mystic realm of color"
~ Hans Hofmann

Introduction By:  Robert Rowen, Owner-  Nuance Galleries

I am honored to share with you Taylor Ikin- an artist that I have represented for over 15 years and a woman that deserves your attention.  I have witnessed her community involvement and diligent generosity and deem her a role model for both men and women.  I have observed Taylor's selfless dedication to building the Florida Watercolor society; working to create a sound as well as an esteemed organization on a national scale.  Her efforts in the society have resulted in a membership of over 1,000 members- a remarkable achievement.  As President and Board Member, Taylor has groomed many of the leaders that have followed in her footsteps. 

When asked for her help with various opportunities to teach children about the joy of art, it was never even a question of her support.  Her support began with organizing workshops at the Children's Hospital.   What a sight it was to see these precious, wide-eyed children, some with bald heads and most attached to IV drips, intently working to create great masterpieces with her guidance.  Later she was instrumental in the Arts in the Schools Program where she taught fourth and fifth graders how to play with watercolors. Taylor is also a mainstay at the Kaleidoscope Festival, a non-profit event for children and the arts, recruiting more than half a dozen other artists to share their knowledge of painting with children and families from the Tampa Bay area.  Each year over 800 paintings are created during this event.  After trying relentlessly, for several years, I was finally successful in getting her to accept minimal compensation for her time. 

I hope you enjoy learning more about Taylor Ikin.  She is a gift to the arts community and I feel very fortunate to call her my friend. 

Please visit our website at;  www.NuanceGalleries.com

Challenges as a Woman - Taylor Ikin

Coming from a rather small family and from the South, I was brought up to understand that life is what you make it, idle hands make for an idle mind and show me your friends and I will tell you who you are! I don't think we share such thoughts with the children of today. However, I have found all of the above to be helpful in charging through this life of mine.

My challenges have been many, starting with the loss of my 6 year old brother when I was only 12, leaving me to grow up as an only child.  I lost my beloved father when I was 19 and found myself  a widow when I was 33; left to raise a seven year old son and five year old daughter on my own.  I found love again only to lose it when he died when I was 55 years old leaving me a widow once again.

Taylor Ikin cabin res.jpg

Photo Above- "Cabin"- by Taylor Ikin

When my first husband passed away I had no idea that I would remarry and I and the children would join my Australian husband in the Caribbean on the island of Antigua. We remained there for 18 years and I had the opportunity to paint the beauty of the tropics in watercolor. My paintings sold and were carried off to distant parts of the world by visitors and state leaders as well. One of my works was taken as a gift to the Pope when the Catholic Bishop of the West Indies was going for a Papal visit. Only on a small island can such opportunities present themselves!

Taylor Ikin Opening at Nuance.jpg 

Photo Above- Opening at Nuance Galleries- Taylor Ikin (dressed in white)

We returned to the United States and after almost five years of enjoying the American way, my second husband passed away.

I mention all of the above because my life has been happy. I would not change a thing that has come my way. I believe we are given each day as a gift and what we do with it is our responsibility...our job...something no one can do for you. A positive attitude and a sense of responsibility are ours to use as we wish. I use mine a lot!

I am an artist and life as such is not always financially rewarding. But I am happy. Life is good and I make it exciting. I set my own hours (I work a lot), I teach art and some of my folks have been with me since 1990! So, I have another "family" and we are a wonderful support group for each other. I am involved in my community and belong to several organizations and boards relating to the arts. I do this because I love giving back to my community.  I enjoy being helpful and sharing my painting experience and expertise with others. I am respected for my work and as an artist that is very important.

 I am currently creating my second traveling exhibition, The Roads Less Traveled, which will officially open at the Dunedin Fine Arts Center in January 2010.  This exhibition will originate at Nuance Galleries this November. This will be an environmental journey to off the road places in six counties of Florida, Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties being represented by the largest number of works.

Taylor Ikin Leepa Ratner Museum Show.jpg

Photo Above- Leepa Ratner Museum Show- Taylor Ikin

My life does not necessarily distinguish challenges unique only to women but rather challenges that we all encounter. In the arts, however, I feel some of the most successful artists require a partner who agrees to perform the tasks that most artists find a bit boring.  I will just say, behind most men on their rise to the top you will generally find someone at home taking care of marketing, shipping correspondence, etc. The challenges of the art world include the hard work of setting up and taking down a show, marketing, shipping, and presenting your work in a professional way.  Having an association with a respectable gallery is also an important aspect in getting your work visible to the public.   Taking care of  the business aspect of art, as with any business, involves an understanding of the uniqueness of the fine art marketplace.

Photo Above- Painting  "Sunset Reflections" by Taylor Ikin

I believe in grabbing the sunshine and making it your own. Some days are easier than others. But life is what you make it. We only have today...challenges and all.   

I look forward to meeting each of you at my opening with Nuance Galleries in November.

~Taylor Ikin    October 28, 2008

Artist's Statement

My specific strengths as a painter relate to my strong feelings about our earth and how we envision our responsibility as being the watchdog for our planet.  My images weave a positive story and are, by subject matter, fairly enjoyable to the eye.  They are pleasing because I see the world of ours as a pleasing place.  I record the environment and, in so doing, build awareness while at the same time I leave a legacy.

My paintings have a rhythm and motion which consistently reflect my brushwork, and much of that has to do with my use of a synthetic surface called YUPO, a ‘tree free' paper, originally used in the printing industry.  My goal is to create an exciting body of work, images to be enjoyed not only for their aesthetic quality, but also to foster a unique sense of awareness about park properties and public responsibilities as they regard our natural spaces.  In short, I hope to awaken the public to what is theirs - to respect it, enjoy it, and take pride in it. ~Taylor Ikin

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