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Music with Purpose


Music has always played an integral role in the lives of humans and indeed much of the animal world. It is one of the most complex forms of communication, with the ability to convey anything from basic mating calls to the entire spectrum of human emotion, in a language far more intricate than any written or spoken word. 

In a paper written by Kenneth Liske, Ph.d- Univ. of Wisconsin, he states: "In order to establish a framework within which to consider the importance of music in education, it is necessary to consider what is important, and true about music. Music represents a basic function of human existence, arising from the physiological, psychological, and sociological needs of human kind.  As such, the value of musical pursuit derives not only from the endeavor to achieve the highest forms of the musical art according to socially accepted norms, but also from the everyday musical encounters of every person. To this end, music is a necessary, life-enhancing experience which should be nurtured in all individuals, not only in those gifted with exceptional musical aptitude. "  Read More

I believe everyone has musical tendencies if they can just find their own unique rhythm.  Cheri Shanti found her own unique sound and rhythm as a young girl, sitting on the dock by her home.  Here is what she has to say, in her own words:

"I grew up on the SE coast of Florida, in a small, conservative town near the ocean, Hobe Sound. We lived on a canal, that fed into the Intercoastal waterway that led to the ocean so my life was very connected to the rhythms and sounds of the ocean. I was on boats before I could walk, and pretty regularly as it was my father's favorite pastime to fish, snorkel and boat.

The ocean was a place of peace and refuge for me growing up. It was a place of harmony and an infinite source of inspiration. When I think about it now, it's easy to see that the ocean was not only my ally, friend and confidant, but also one of the most powerful rhythmical experiences I could have ever had as a young being. That consistent, constant swish, the tides, rising and falling with the cycles of the moon, literally, right outside my window. All of the rhythms of the sea were also a part of me. Those rhythms: day break, dusk and deep night, being so clearly marked by the change of the sounds of the sea, the birds and the crickets, taught me more than I may ever fully realize about the Natural rhythms and cycles of our planet. As an adult now, I have an inherent sense of time and what I call the "shifts" of the day/night that I attribute greatly to growing up in that environment and being very vibrationally sensitive.

So I give thanks for the gift of the Sea in my life, and growing up in that place. There is nothing more soothing to my soul than the sweet sound of the sea. Growing up, I could hear it from my bedroom, and all night long that deep sound lulled me into the other realms, comforted me and nurtured my spirit. Blessings to Yemaya.

My love affair with music began early in life. In my home, it was my solace, my friend and my escape. My first instrument was definitely my voice. I always loved to sing and could be found many days sitting on the dock by the water singing silly little diddies while watching the sea skimmers cruise around on the top of the water with their big legs holding them up somehow!"  Read More

I have included a list of Moxy Women favorites from Cheri Shanti's CDs- these are available on iTunes for preview- see below:

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Moxy Women Favorites

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Playlist Notes: The heart and soul of Cheri Shanti


Song Name Artist
Hurricane Cheri
Dreamworlds Cheri Shanti: Muse of Turiya
Forever Yours Cheri Shanti
Persian Funk Cheri Shanti: Muse of Turiya
Earth Goddess Cheri

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