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What's in the Bag?

What’s in the Bag?
by Jean Harper

This morning I got up from bed and walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth.  I pushed the button on my electric toothbrush and nothing happened.  It has been a long time since I brushed my teeth without a little help from my electric version.  It felt a little strange doing the “manual” technique with all of the up and down strokes, the back and forth and so on.  I began to think how silly it is to be dependent on a battery operated device to brush my teeth and believe it or not I began to roll into many other thoughts of just how “spoiled” I am.  I didn’t even realize it!

Somehow, all of this got me thinking about my 2012 resolutions; the typical ones to lose weight, save more money, and to continue to follow my dreams with the Moxy Women website and events.  From this I started to feel gratitude and then I began reflecting on the events and coincidences that occurred this week.  I realized that everything seemed to be falling into place for a really promising 2012.

Even my horoscope from Michelle Gould read like a confirmation that this is my year!  In reading some of the other horoscopes—it’s probably your year too!

As coincidences continued I was told a story, the type that you don’t want to forget.  A friend shared her story about how her parents would encourage her if she started to feel sad, rejected or just “down in the dumps.”  She told me that they kept a brown paper bag in the house and inside the bag there were little strips of paper that included all of the things that she had to be grateful for.  It seems the bag was just full of them!  She would open the bag and in no time she was back to her positive self.  It worked for her and now she doesn’t need to use the brown bag; she has them all memorized.  She has lived her life in a positive way and now shares her insight and positive outlook with others.  Her friends call on her when they get “down in the dumps” and she just opens the brown bag in her mind and all is well.

I found myself a nice looking brown paper bag and I starting filling it up.  One of the things I am grateful for among many others is my electric toothbrush.

Happy New Year 2012! 



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