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Would You Date Yourself?


Would You Date Yourself?
By Siggy Buckley

If you're single or divorced and maybe just out of a relationship and reading this, you are probably looking for useful information on how to improve your chances of finding a new partner or relationship. There are gazillion websites and self-help books out there offering their expertise. Therefore it's surprising to me that not all resources have been exhausted for advice; that singles are still not sure of how best to go about finding that elusive mate. Instead of giving tips today about your appearance, behavior, conversation etc. on a date, I want to ask you a question that may surprise you: Would you date yourself?

Step 1: Take a critical look at yourself from the perspective of somebody else. Get out the big looking-glass! And I don't mean just for your looks or sense of dress. Look deeper: How does this person project herself? Does she seem to be a happy individual? Is she content with her life? Is she somebody I would like to get to know and spend time with? What are her strong suits? It's not a secret that people see themselves differently than other people do. May I say through tinted glasses?

Step 2: Look at your expectations. What do you expect from a partner? Is your list of requirements a mile long and realistic?  What are the non-negotiable necessities about a partner and what is merely the icing on the cake, sorry, I mean on a mate for you? Where would you compromise? Can the standards of this person be met without resorting to a magic wand or cosmic intervention? What can be changed about you (maybe something about your demeanor or attitude)? If you cannot answer these questions honestly - and I admit it is dashed difficult - I suggest you get some help. Be that a trusted friend for a good heart-to-heart discussion or a professional consultant for a make-over. You need someone with an unbiased critical eye to assess what you have to offer, but above all, you need honesty for this to be working. By taking this approach to dating, the perspective shifts away from an ever demanding me and instead subtly focuses on your counterpart. Our "Because You Are Worth it!" generation needs a colossal shift in consciousness and become more aware of reality and what is achievable. This may not be what you expected; but don't knock it until you have tried.


About Siggy

Former matchmaker par excellence - or Dating Guru as the Irish media liked to call me- I was born in Germany. Having achieved a Masters Degree in English, I got married, had two children and then emigrated to Ireland with my family for the GOOD LIFE.

Involuntary life on an Irish farm produced a crop of misgivings and the break-up of our marriage. Single again, I launched a dating service in Dublin which eventually planted the seeds for this novel.
I'm now happily married and live in the USA.

I write for American Chronicles and Opednews. I write a blog that deals with my previous life on an organic farm. It's called "I once had a farm in Ireland" and you will find it at: Inandoutofireland.blogspot.com.
I'm a proud new International member of the National League of American Pen Women: Americanpenwomen.org


Lessons of a Matchmaker
Authored by Mrs Siggy Buckley

Cherie, a professional matchmaker from Dublin, Ireland, faces the ultimate challenge when she tries to find a soul mate for herself. She surfs the risky waves of the Internet and flies around the world to adventures, disappointments and not a few surprises. Chat-rooms prove to be intoxicating, and Cherie feels like in a kid in a candy store. Among the Lotharios she encounters are recycled bachelors, breezy islands of ego, fly-by-nights, birds of paradise, commitment phobics, and the odd sex maniac. She learns the hard way that it's easy come, uneasy go at this smorgasboard of cyber-dreamboats.

Her story is an intriguing read, offering a revealing glimpse into the world of cyber romance for singles that are toying with the idea, for those who haven't dared yet, or those who just want to compare notes. It also discloses practical advice for modern day's mate selection through the eyes of a dating expert, both on the Internet and in the real world. With insight and great humor, Siggy Buckley tells the sassy story of a modern woman's dilemma of being independent yet longing for coupledom.

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