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Courage to Assert New Behavior to Get What You Want
Courage to Assert New Behavior to Get What You Want By Sandra Ford Walston Jill demonstrated her talents and caught the attention of a city manager. When he phoned Jill to discuss an administrative position, she knew that negotiating the ... Read More
Financial Focus
Tips for Setting — and Pursuing — Financial Goals You can get lucky by finding a parking meter with time left on it. You can “luck out” by having nice weather on your vacation. You can even be lucky at love. But when it com... Read More
Career Transitions
Courage and Career Transitions By Sandra Ford Walston During a career transition has anyone ever said this phrase to you: “One door closes and the next door opens”? Well, if you’re about to lose your job, change industries, reluctan... Read More
Help Elderly Parents Avoid Financial “Scams”
FINANCIAL FOCUS Help Elderly Parents Avoid Financial “Scams” Here’s a disturbing statistic: One out of every five Americans over the age of 65 has been victimized by a financial scheme, according to the Investor Protection Trust, a... Read More
Entrepreneurial Women
10 Tips for Applying Entrepreneurial Courage By Sandra Ford Walston, The Courage Expert As entrepreneurial women maneuver through business pursuits, they recognize defining moments and apply everyday courage. Cognizant of the etymology of... Read More
Home Improvement Tips for Women
Curb Appeal By Lynda Lyday April over already? Holy macaroni! Spring is flying by and before you know it, the window of opportunity to tackle outdoor projects will be gone. Giving your house a facelift is not only aesthe... Read More
Business Tools
Ladies: Got Difficult Co-Workers? How DO YOU Respond to “Them?” By Joy Huber As the author of “You Go Girl: A Woman’s Guide on How to THRIVE Around Difficult People,” business communications expert, women’s busi... Read More
Career Transition
Career Transition: How to Get Back in the Game After Losing Your Job by: Karen Rowinsky Whether you are laid off, let go, or your company has closed its doors, the new buzz phrase is that you are in "job or career transition.&... Read More
Creating More Money In Your Life
Want to Create More Money in Your Life? Which of These 3 Self Defeating Mistakes Are You Making? By: Veronica Hay In the quest for creating and/or manifesting more money in their lives, I see many people making the following mistakes. Mo... Read More
RETIRE with MOXY A FROTHy Deferral Decision: Roth 401(k) or Traditional 401(k)? By: Kristin Guenthardt, WMS - Associate Vice President, Investments When 401(k) enrollment time rolls around, many eligible 401(k) participants must decide amo... Read More
Living Will Directive
Ensuring Peace of Mind for You andYour Loved Ones The Importance of Having Living Wills and Advance Directive Documents One can simply say the name Terry Schiavo and almost everyone who watches television or reads a newspaper will be... Read More

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