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Marilyn Wilson
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Basic Information
Location: Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Gender: Female
Birth Date: October 18, 1947
Occupation: Writer, Drummer, Coach, Facilitator, Promoter, Organizer
Website: http://www.marilynsonthemove.blogspot.com

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Marilyn Ashe Wilson.....blends her extensive background in coaching, recruiting, and program coordination with her natural passions for music, poetry, and writing.  She is an explorer and a seeker, enjoying the connection between body, mind, and spirit.  After a lifetime of travel in a military family, Marilyn settled in Jacksonville bringing with her the cultural flavors of the east and west coast’s of the U.S., the Caribbean including Hawaii, Haiti, Puerto Rico, and Key West.   Marilyn’s emphasis is on the importance of community, and continues to build that bridge between isolation and connectedness of individuals by forming circles, workshops, seminars and supportive environments for others.  Her global outreach begins within the local beaches and Jacksonville areas, but her flame is bright and extends where needed.  Marilyn collaborates and co-facilitates with a business partner under the name of Heart2Heart Circles for local events and workshops that include drumming and performance arts shared in a variety of community center, senior centers, schools, and businesses.


Marilyn lives in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida with her husband.  She has four children and four grandchildren.  She recently cared for her two elderly parents moving them from Asheville, NC to Jacksonville where she spent quality time with them in their final years.   Marilyn experienced first-hand, through their final years how group activities and the joy of music lightened up their days and connected them with others.  Marilyn hopes to continue building that connectedness within the community by feeling it, living it, and passing it on.  She is always, Just a Beat Away!







General: Women's Empowerment, Growth and Support of individual journeys. Reading, Writing, Gathering, Women's Issues, Drumming, Music, and Dance.
Music: Drumming, anything that I can dance to or sway with the music.
Television: All the drama and series girlie stuff - desperate housewives, brothers & sisters, grey's anatomy, army wives. Anything that gives me perspective.
Books: Book Group current reads: anything written by women, about women's journeys.

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