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Xaviera Medina de Albrand
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Basic Information
Location: Brussels,
Gender: Female
Birth Date: January 13, 1982
Occupation: Communication Consultant
Website: http://mujeresmundi.worpdpress.com

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I was born in Pucallpa, a lumber town of the Peruvian Amazonia, in the 80’s during the height of the terrorism.  I am a bachelor in management of international businesses, specialist in international trade and sociology for development, and masters in communication. I still wonder how I’ve got to collect that quantity of titles on my resume if what I always been interested on was writing, I am not a writer (I need talent!), I correct myself, which always interested to me is the interaction between people, and to transcribe this on paper. I am a journalist’s daughter and a writer’s wife, so the letters always has been in my way.

Destiny (and love) made me let my sunny Peru and go to Paris (France), I’ve never planned to be a globbe-trotter but, still destiny, I flew to Afghanistan surrounding the Arab Emirates, Azarbaijan and India. There, I researched corruption issues in order to improve the international trade and been responsible for some social communication projects; thus I swam with subjects as human rights, counternarcotics, access to health services and civil education.

I am currently in Brussels (Belgium), and I am a mom of an adorable baby girl. I dedicated myself, as a break, to pure marketing within a publishing company. But I have communication in my veins and I suffer (I do not exaggerate, I suffer!) whenever I observe the transformation of the current mass media panorama. Even so, I am an eternal optimist, who enjoys the interaction with other people, other cultures and power to learn from them, to take the best thing from the best thing. I am truly convinced that we can use the mix of communication, marketing and new technologies as tools to promote awareness and to turn communication into action. As creator of Mujeres Mundi (Women World), I am convinced that this it is my first step to do it.

Visit and share my project! http://enmujersmundi.wordpress.com

Join -us in FB http://www.facebook.com/MujeresMundi



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